Leon County area transitional housing and shelters.

Transitional housing programs and other services can help homeless and poor families in the Tallahassee, Florida region, including Leon, Franklin, Madison, and nearby towns. Some places will give you a room or apartment to stay in if you meet certain requirements. Other assistance programs that may be available to those staying in a transitional housing or temporary unit include help in finding a job or a free meal.

There are resources available throughout the area. This means that families from Franklin, Gadsden, Wakulla, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, and Taylor County can apply. There is a high demand for low income and short term housing, but it is available in some situations. Some programs help specific groups of people, like single parents, veterans, or people with disabilities. Other programs help anyone who qualifies, based on their income.

A part of this program is that you can get help finding and paying for a new home or apartment in the Tallahassee region or a county nearby. Or clients can get information on resources such as government-issued housing vouchers or government subsidized housing units.

The Big Bend Homeless Coalition offers a variety of services, including HOPE Community2729 W Pensacola St.Tallahassee, Florida 32304Telephone – (850) 576-5566. At HOPE Community, we provide safe and temporary housing for women, men, and families for up to six months. This gives our residents the time and resources they need to get back on their feet and move into permanent housing. Veterans can get help finding permanent housing. Those in danger of being homeless may receive help with rent payments. The Home Plate/A Place Called Home is an option for disabled people in Leon County. There are also free meals available.

The Brehon Institute provides low-income housing for homeless pregnant women in Tallahassee, Florida. The Institute can be contacted by telephone at (850) 671-5255. The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program provides pregnant women, new mothers, and young children with supplemental foods, healthcare referrals, and nutrition education.

ChristTown Ministries, Inc. is a organization that helps men with substance abuse issues. They have a residency program and housing only for men. The address is 2121 W Jefferson St. Quincy, Florida 32351 and the main phone number is (850) 509-9061 The shelter provides free meals, clothing, job placement, continuing education, and rehabilitation to its residents.

They also accept donations to help with this cause. The church on Amy Street in Tallahassee, Florida is dedicated to helping the homeless population in their area. They help to provide stability and a new home for those in need. The church also accepts donations to help support their cause. The organization provides both short-term emergency shelter and long-term transitional housing for people in need. There is also information available on government assistance and other services that can help you. In addition to free meals and food, job referrals and other benefits are also available.

Disc Village is a store located in Tallahassee, Florida that specializes in selling CD’s and other musical discs.

Echo is a transitional housing program in Tallahassee, Florida that helps homeless families. The program provides short-term housing and other services to families in need. The telephone number for the program is (850) 878-1722. Other services can help people find a job and become stabilized. There are programs that can help pay for low income, permanent housing in Leon County. HUD subsidized program and vouchers are two examples. Life skills classes help people learn how to live independently, and case management provides support and resources to help people stay on track.

The residential program offers a safe and structured living environment for those in early sobriety. Frenchtown Outreach Center in Tallahassee, Florida provides both transitional housing and a residential program for those addressing substance abuse issues. The residential program offers a safe and structured living environment for those in early sobriety. This means that not only businesses, but non-profit organizations can also use this program to help with things such as Apalachee Center and Refuge House.

The Good News Outreach is located at 323 Macon Rd in Tallahassee, Florida. The main phone number is (850) 412-0016.

The Good News Outreach provides housing, job placement assistance, and other resources to men who have recently been released from prison.

This organization provides housing for families and men who are at risk of homelessness. They offer transitional and temporary lodging/homes for those in need. You will need to find a job and/or volunteer work. There is a second-hand store on the premises.

They provide a safe and nurturing environment that is also affordable. The women have to be willing to work on their personal issues and be willing to attend church services. Chelsea House is a charity that provides transitional housing for women and their children. They have a faith-based program that provides a safe and nurturing environment for the women and their children. The women have to be willing to work on their personal issues and be willing to attend church services.

Westgate3203 is an apartment complex located at Westgate Ct in Tallahassee, Florida. It can be contacted at (850) 273-2294.

The Hope House Rescue Mission provides transitional housing for homeless men in Tallahassee, Florida. The center can be reached at (850) 504-0160. It will also help them get a job or go to school and give other support.

The CARE organization in Tallahassee, Florida provides services and support to people with HIV/AIDS. They can be reached at (850) 597-8163.

Catholic Charities Emergency Services is a organization located in Tallahassee, FL that provides temporary housing, food, financial assistance, and other low income solutions to those in need.

The Life Recovery Center of Tallahassee, Florida is a rehabilitation facility that provides care and services to those struggling with addiction. The center offers a variety of programs and resources to help individuals recover from substance abuse and get their lives back on track. The main phone number for the center is (850) 224-9991.

Lutheran Social Services provides low cost transitional housing for homeless families with children. The Housing606 consists of low cost rent units and utilities. Case management services are also available. To apply for this program, please call (850) 575-4309 for intake. The family should focus on being stable over the long term.

The non-profit Making Miracles Group Home in Tallahassee, Florida runs a transitional housing program for pregnant women and those with a child under one year of age. This program provides women with a safe and supportive environment as they prepare to become self-sufficient and independent. Clients need to focus on meeting goals that will make them more self-sufficient.

Promise Land Ministries Lighthouse, Inc. is a homeless shelter and transitional housing center located at 20 Church Rd in Crawfordville, Florida. The center can be reached at (850) 926-3281. In addition to meeting with the staff, residents may need to schedule appointments and complete an intake process.

The company Shisa Inc. is located at 418 West Virginia St. in Tallahassee, Florida. The company provides services as a halfway house for female offenders. The phone number for the company is (850) 224-4227. They can also learn job skills and help in finding a stable job.

This means that people who need help will be given a place to stay, access to medical care, help finding a job, and the chance to further their education.

This is the address of The Shelter in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Teen Challenge, Tallahassee Men’s Center is a Christian based rehabilitation program for men struggling with addiction. The main telephone number for the center is (850) 385-8336. The center is located at 4141 Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee, Florida.

Twin Oaks Transitional Home is a home for homeless women and children that provides emergency shelter and transitional housing. The home is based on faith and offers a variety of services to help the residents get back on their feet.

They are located at 1615 Mahan Center Blvd in Tallahassee, Fl and their phone number is (850) 521-5767. This means that the VA can help with things like getting access to health care, getting small household items, and getting free emergency food. They can also help with things like getting clothing. The Big Bend Housing Coalition provides housing assistance to people in the Big Bend area, surrounding counties, and even parts of South Georgia. They offer transitional housing, shelter, and help with finding permanent housing.

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