Assistance Program

Leon County public assistance.

Residents in Leon County Florida who are struggling can get help from the county and its Human Services organization. The assistance is given to help with basic needs like food and shelter. It is not given as a handout, but as help to those who are struggling. Short term financial assistance may be offered by Leon County and referrals to public aid and assistance may be provided.

The programs available are required by state laws, rules, and regulations. The government may also provide money to local organizations that provide services and to non-profit organizations. Services and public support that encourages and preserves an individual’s dignity and self-worth is provided to those who qualify. This means that you can get help without anyone else knowing.

The local Office of Human Services and Community Partnerships provide a variety of social services to Leon County residents. Some of the things that they do are listed below.

The Direct Emergency Assistance Program (DEAP) provides cash assistance to people in an emergency situation. The aid is a way of helping people who cannot afford things that are necessary for everyday life. This includes things like paying for utilities, rent, groceries, food and prescription medication. The government offers support to qualified citizens in order to prevent them from becoming homeless, sick, or malnourished.

The health and medical care program provides care for people who are sick or injured. The county uses public funds to pay for out-of-county emergency hospital care for poor and indigent Leon County patients. It helps those without insurance. This means that in Florida, this is a service that is required. This means that if you are low income, there are health insurance services available to you that either cost nothing, or very little.

The Funeral and Indigent Burial Program provides financial assistance for low-income individuals who are unable to afford funeral and burial expenses. This assistance program provides for the cost of cremation or burial for residents. The aid is intended for unclaimed deceased persons who meet the qualifications or for indigent people. The funeral costs will be covered by the county, and the funeral will be held in the county cemetery.

The grant money for local non-profits is given out by the government. This county provides grants to local organizations that help people in need, such as human service providers, churches, and other qualified groups.

The Medicaid Match Program is a state program in Florida that helps low-income families pay for health care. This means that for hospital stays that last longer than 12 days, Leon County will cover up to 35% of the total cost. This means that for each county nursing home resident that meets qualifications, up to $55 per month is also paid.

Mental health needs are supported as well. The state of Florida requires that Leon County provide public aid for certain acute care programs, such as alcohol abuse/chemical dependency treatment, Baker Act, community mental health programs, and more. The Human Service Department can also help with transporting clients to the local State hospital. The county pays a quarter of the costs for the program that helps low income and indigent residents while the state of Florida pays the other three quarters.

The county provides financial assistance to thousands of people. The Direct Emergency Assistance Program provides financial assistance to families to help cover rent, utility bills, and other housing costs. They were also provided with prescription medication vouchers to help pay for medications for certain conditions.

The Indigent Burial Program provides burial assistance for low-income individuals. Government funds are used to pay for burial services for low income or homeless residents in cooperation with local funeral homes as well as the County’s Public Works Department. This funeral assistance also helps low-income seniors who are residents of Leon County.

The goal of Leon County’s Human Service Grant Program is to reduce the costs of public benefits such as mental health programs, Medicaid, and the criminal justice system. This is a joint effort with local non-profit organizations.

If you need help from the government or public services in Leon County, you can call Human Services at (850) 606-1922.

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