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Lexington Kentucky Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities may have funding available for low income families in Fayette County who qualify and need assistance. There are many services available to help people in need, including credit repair, financial aid for bills or rent, home repairs, free food, and hot meals. Referrals to other services, information about those services, or budgeting workshops may be provided without any monetary compensation.

Emergency assistance programs from Fayette County area Catholic Charities

The main financial assistance program for paying rent and utilities is known as Bridging the Gap. This program can help families who are struggling to cover unexpected costs. Applicants need to have a job, but be experiencing some type of unplanned crisis or hardship. This program is not just a way to give money to those who are struggling. Those families in Lexington who are found to be qualified can only apply for help once per year.

The organization Bridging the Gap offers assistance with not only securing housing, but also with basic needs such as food and clothing. They also provide referrals to God’s Food Pantry. Catholic Charities also helps the homeless find shelter, or when they are full, maybe pay for a motel room for a night or two. This is a temporary fix. Hotels may offer vouchers to homeless people to stay at their facilities. Vouchers may be offered on a first-come, first-served basis or may be given to those who meet certain criteria, such as families with children.

Nutrition support and education includes providing guidance on healthy eating habits, preparing nutritious meals, and teaching people about the importance of good nutrition. You will not be charged for any items you receive from Catholic Charity before a workshop begins. Seedleaf is a local, nonprofit organization in Lexington that relies on staff and volunteers to teach two nutrition education classes.

Catholic Charities has information about food banks that give out free food, as well as soup kitchens, in Lexington and across Kentucky. These resources can help provide food for those who are poor, hungry, and elderly. Food, hygiene products and other services to prevent hunger are available for free. There are many free food pantries and soup kitchens in Kentucky that can help people in need. These pantries and kitchens provide food for those who are struggling to make ends meet or who are facing tough times. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of these organizations.

Guidance as well as free to use financial stability services

The nearby St. Vincent Mission helps families achieve stability by providing programs that encourage personal development, discovery, and the use of gifts. The agency provides budget counseling to help participants of the Christmas program reach their goals.

If a bad event happens, Catholic Charities might be there to assist Fayette County and Kentucky families. A severe weather event or other disaster can destroy a home, damage personal belongings, or ruin a vehicle. In addition, disasters can often disrupt people’s jobs and lead to a reduction in income.

The agency will often have funds available to help households who have a financial need as a result of a disaster, like a fire or a tornado. If you have money available, it can help you pay for things like car repairs, new clothes, or a bill that you can’t afford because you lost your job or had an unexpected expense. In the event of a disaster, please call (859) 253-1993.

The Disaster and Long-Term Recovery Fund can help families buy food, building materials, water, and appliances they need.

The Lasting Change program is a financial literacy program run by a Catholic charity. It is aimed at helping low-income individuals in Lexington, who rely on community organizations to get by. Lasting Change employs case managers and social workers who utilize an holistic asset building approach which includes peer support groups, mentors, facilitation-based workshops, and banking incentives. By talking about people’s attitudes towards money and their underlying belief systems, participants may be more likely to change their habits and escape poverty.

A variety of credit, budgeting, and other educational workshops are available. Some workshops, such as Making Money Work!, are taught by certified public accountants who will help with the practical aspects of the workshop. Credit and asset-building modules can be combined to create a comprehensive financial solution. Some of the financial literacy programs were created with help from the National Endowment for Financial Education.

These free workshops on building credit are essential for those who are underserved, whether they are Lexington Kentucky residents living in poverty, immigrants, or other disadvantaged individuals. A good credit score is important for getting a job, housing, saving money, and gaining financial stability. There are a number of free credit building and repair services available to consumers. These services can help you improve your credit score and get back on track financially.

Community volunteers can serve as asset mentors. The company will offer each person a unique plan to address their specific financial needs. These teachers and mentors are informed about different community resources and provide participants with useful, appropriate information.

For people who go through Catholic Charity organized workshops, they may be provided with banking incentives such as matched saving accounts. The money will help them save up and get things they need.

Applying to Catholic Charities Lexington KY are resources

The Catholic Charities Diocese of Lexington is located at 1310 W Main St, Lexington, Kentucky 40508. There is another center located at St Martha’s Catholic Church in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. If you would like to know more information about their programs, you can call (606) 874-9526.

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