Assistance Program

Linn County and Albany Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Linn County Oregon operates several assistance programs. They help low-income families exit poverty and residents who are in an emergency. The other programs offered by the Christian charity are focused on children and senior citizens in the Albany Oregon area.

Some of the assistance is offered every week, if the non-profit has enough resources. The center is also looking for volunteers to help run their programs. The weekly assistance may include items such as free groceries or boxes of food, or seasonal school supplies. Other forms of aid are much more limited. There may be help available for expenses such as heating bills. Almost all residents of the county can request referrals or sign up for case management.

The Linn County Salvation Army helps students to develop and learn. Our main goal is to make sure that everyone has enough food and supplies. In other words, food, summer snacks, and free school supplies are provided to students who do not have access to free school lunches. There are summer camps and tutoring programs available for children. We are doing everything we can to help them grow.

The Salvation Army provides emergency financial assistance to people in Linn County from the money they collect in their red kettles and from other sources. The center received money from the United Way and from the government. The money is used to pay for some or all of the following costs. There is no guarantee that you will receive financial assistance from the Linn County center. The amount of aid you receive will be decided by the Salvation Army case managers.

If you need help with winter heating bills, there may be money available to cover those expenses. Another priority is keeping people warm and comfortable during the colder months that occur in Oregon. This means that grants can help with things like water and electricity bills, as well as making sure you can afford to heat your home during winter. This may include gas and other costs that are related to gas.

There is always food, help, and basic needs available. The Salvation Army in Linn County Oregon provides key resources such as food, shelter, and clothing to those in need.

Holiday assistance from this organization includes free Christmas meals or gifts, Thanksgiving food, and items from the Angel Tree. The organization also has an emergency food pantry that provides groceries and fruits, as well as cooking classes. Lastly, during the summer and fall, back to school supplies are passed out to kids. This will help them start the new year with the necessary personal hygiene items.

The Linn County Angel Tree program helps spread Christmas cheer by providing gifts for children in need. Some people in the community will give free gifts to children. This can include items like clothing, small toys, and more. The charity believes that it is essential for families to have a meal and a gift to open on Christmas morning.

Other social service programs can be organized as well. These organizations are not primarily concerned with providing financial assistance, but rather with addressing the needs of residents who are truly struggling. The Linn County Salvation Army can help drug or alcohol addicts by enrolling them into rehabilitation or counseling. In the event of a disaster, there is government assistance available in the form of vouchers to cover the cost of a motel, furniture, and meals. They also help women fleeing from domestic violence or single moms who just need some non-judgmental advice. Other forms of assistance are also available.

If you need help from the Salvation Army, you will need to provide documentation to the social worker. They should have proof of income (including from TANF, a job, and SSI), copies of a lease or utility bills, check stubs, identification and more. The office for receiving applications is at 345 Columbus St SE, Albany Oregon 97321-4919, or dial 866-698-6155 for information.

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