Los Angeles Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center.

Fannie Mae has a Mortgage Help Center in Los Angeles where homeowners can meet with a housing counselor. The government-sponsored agency Fannie Mae is partnering with major mortgage servicers, West Angeles Community Development Corporation, and various civic and community leaders from across the region to offer struggling homeowners counseling as well as foreclosure alternatives.

The mortgage help center is based in Culver City but will also cover the wider Los Angeles area. There will be counselors at the event who can help provide services such as foreclosure counseling for homeowners who are struggling in the greater metro area.

Assistance offered at the Los Angeles mortgage center

Many times, communication is the key to saving a home. This means that at the mortgage help center, homeowners can speak to dedicated staff who can help them with their mortgage in their own language.

The counselors will help borrowers with programs and services that they need. The services available will help borrowers review their loans, find alternatives to foreclosure, and get the documents they need for the Making Home Affordable Program. They will also help with any other loan workout efforts that are underway.

Both West Angeles Community Development Corporation and Fannie Mae will provide a lot of information. They will also explain the foreclosure prevention process and available solutions to the homeowner so that they know what to expect. In addition, we will take steps to stop local scams and groups that charge fees for their loan modification and foreclosure prevention services.

A homeowner meeting with a counselor will help the homeowner understand the different options available to prevent foreclosure and how to get back on track with their mortgage.

This Fannie Mae mortgage help center is a place where homeowners can go to get free advice and assistance from trusted advisors. The advisors at the center will work to get the best outcome possible for each homeowner. The sessions are one-on-one and at a convenient location. At the center, borrowers can get help with their mortgage concerns for free. The staff will treat them with compassion and competence.

Fannie Mae help center contact

The Fannie Mae Greater Los Angeles Mortgage Help Center is very popular and you need to make an appointment to use its services. The library is offering help by appointment only and borrowers wishing to schedule a visit or to meet with a counselor should call 800-232-6643.

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