Rent Assistance

Madison County Kentucky rent assistance programs.

There are several agencies around Richmond Kentucky that can help with rent payments, security deposits, and free eviction defense help. These organizations help those who are struggling to make ends meet, including low income families, senior citizens, single moms, the disabled, and others. There are organizations that can help with rental assistance or free legal advice from attorneys. There may also be grants or loans available to help with security deposits or other housing costs.

There are many different types of assistance available to residents of Madison County, Kentucky. These include charities, churches, state and federal government housing programs, and more. Each school has its own application process. There is limited assistance for paying rent, utilities, water bills, relocation costs, and other bills, but there are ways to get help.

The first person to ask for help will be the first one to receive it. There may be also be restrictions on where you can work, how much money you can spend, and other aspects of the job. The rent or other forms of financial assistance are only meant to help with a short term need. Clients need to find more long term, sustainable solutions.

Bereans United is an organization that helps residents with utility and rent relief in Berea, Kentucky. Please contact this number if you are in need of financial help. The fund could be used for things like back rent payments or utility bills to help prevent homelessness. They also have information about shelters and other resources, and some applicants may be given money to help pay for rent or housing. The Frank Gailey Transient Aid Fund Address provides gas, short-term lodging, and other services to people in need.

The AppalReD Legal Aid office in Richmond, Kentucky provides free legal assistance to residents of Madison County on a variety of issues. The office’s main telephone number is (859) 624-1394. They cover things like housing, eviction, access to government benefits like section 8 rent vouchers, and more. The low income can see a lawyer for free.

They also have a thrift store and a food bank. The Salvation Army in Richmond Kentucky is a Christian faith-based organization that provides many social services and programs for low-income individuals and families. They also operate a thrift store and a food bank. There is a lot of help available for people who need it, like shelter, money for rent or utility bills, and even Christmas presents. They help people no matter what religion they are. The Salvation Army in Richmond, Kentucky provides a variety of services to the community including disaster relief, assistance for the needy and homeless, and youth programs. For more information on the services offered by the Salvation Army in Richmond, Kentucky, please visit their website.

They provide food, clothes, and other necessities to low income families in the area. Call the United Way’s211 hotline. This hotline provides free, 24/7 access to trained counselors who can connect you with local resources, including food, shelter, health care, and more. If you are struggling to pay rent, are unemployed, or need other support, there are places that can help you. You can learn about emergency rent assistance, shelters, and food assistance from churches and other organizations.

The public housing authority manages this location. You can call them at the number provided to learn more about their program and how to apply. There are also services to help you buy a home, information on cash assistance or welfare, and other programs.

The Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Kentucky River Foothills region. The Council works with local government, business, and community leaders to identify and address the region’s most pressing needs. The Council also provides technical assistance and training to local organizations and individuals working to improve the quality of life in the region. It provides housing assistance to low-income renters and homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage. It also helps people with disabilities and the elderly. This loan program is based on income, and tenants need to pay a portion of their income towards utilities, mortgages, fees, rent, and other bills.

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