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Manatee Community Action Agency assistance programs.

The Community Action Agency provides social services to residents in Manatee, Hardee, and Desoto counties in Florida. This non-profit organization can help families who are struggling with poverty and other difficulties with their housing needs, Head Start, low income energy assistance, and more.

Case managers from the community action agency will work with low-income clients who qualify to help them address their needs. To help the individual become independent and self-reliant. The goal of this organization is to reduce poverty in the area by providing food, housing, and rental assistance to those in need.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that helps low-income households pay for their utility and/or air conditioning bills. Manatee Community Action Agency provides services through LIHEAP to help families in need, especially those with low incomes. There is also a focus on providing services to senior citizens and families with young children.

The regular part of the program provides a cash benefit once per year. Many utility companies in Florida will give the customer a discount on their account. MCCA can help residents apply for this.

The crisis component is another option. This is to prevent a disconnection or to pay for deposits/re-connection of power. Low income families that qualify can receive funds twice a year, once during the summer and once during the winter. This means that the applicant’s electric bill must show that they have not paid their bill, or that their service is going to be cut off.

This means that any money given to Manatee Community Action Agency by the government must be used to improve the situation of those in need. If the applicant does not pay the difference, they will not receive any money from the utility company. Applications for the Crisis component are processed more quickly.

The Manatee Community Action Agency’s case management and Family Self Sufficiency programs are designed to help struggling families become financially and economically independent. These programs provide families with the support, empowerment, and guidance they need to achieve their goals. The Community Action Agency will provide ongoing support and assistance to clients. They can set goals, learn about job placement services, receive mentoring, and possible financial support for bills or rent. This organization provides referrals for financial assistance to help with things like loans, renting, and deposits.

It usually takes more than one year to complete the program. The program puts a lot of emphasis on helping participants improve their educational levels and job skills, while also requiring them to work part-time. The Family Self Sufficiency Program is a program that helps people in Desoto, Manatee and Hardee counties who are working towards a goal. Other assistance is available to help families improve their economic situation.

Manatee Community Action Agency provides counseling to families and individuals to help them keep their housing arrangements stable. This website can help both renters and homeowners. This company will provide customers with different types of financial services.

The goal of everything offered is to help families stay in their homes or apartments. Families can receive information from a certified HUD counselor on eviction prevention, budget counseling, renting, foreclosure, homeless counseling, and credit issues.

Weatherization delivers services to improve a household’s energy efficiency and conservation. These services are especially beneficial to low income and working poor households. The goal of the program is to lower monthly utility bills by funding from the United States Department of Energy. You may be eligible for improvements to your home, like more insulation in the attic, better air sealing, free energy-saving light bulbs, more efficient water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners, or even a new refrigerator.

The MCAA offers a Head Start program. The agency is an organization that is approved by the state of Florida to provide Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten services. Both Head Start and VPK are free programs that help kids in the area get ready for Kindergarten. This program provides the child with the necessary foundation for a successful education by addressing their nutritional, healthcare and educational needs.

The program provides services to children from low income families in Florida that range in age from birth to five. These services include comprehensive developmental care that helps children reach their fullest potential. The programs offered by the Manatee Community Action Agency are meant to help children and their parents grow and develop, including children with disabilities.

The needs of the whole family are important to Head Start teachers and case managers. The staff at the organization work with families to help them become self-sufficient. This will also involve other local charities in the Desoto County or surrounding regions.

Early Head Start is a program that helps prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. It provides comprehensive services to low-income families with children ages birth to three, pregnant women, and families with children ages birth to five. This component helps children who are born up to three years old, as well as women who are currently pregnant. MCAA will use the same approach as Head Start, which includes health care and nutrition.

CATCH is a program for children. This service provides speech, language and overall development assistance to preschool aged children in the area. This program is designed to provide free evaluation and therapy sessions for child care providers and parents who meet the eligibility requirements. There are meetings held at schools and local child care centers. There are also home services for people in the region, such as Manatee or Desoto County.

The Manatee Community Action Agency has several locations. The case managers at the site can help clients in other ways, such as referring them to government programs or public benefits, such as SNAP food stamps, section 8 housing, and many others. The Hardee County Court House Annex is located at 412 West Orange Street in Wauchula, Florida. The phone number for the annex is (941) 827-2887. The main office of the company is located at 302 Manatee Avenue East in Bradenton, Florida. The telephone number is 941-827-2887.

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