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Maricopa County and Phoenix free legal aid.

Someone who cannot pay for their own lawyer may be able to get free help from a few different law firms in Maricopa County. The non-profit organizations and Community Legal Services work together to deal with many different types of civil cases. All support is for low income families who are struggling with poverty.

The lawyers can help tenants who are about to be kicked out of their homes and work to keep them from being homeless. There is help available for those who need assistance in applying for government benefits, including seniors or the disabled. For more information on those programs, and details on other legal advice offered, see below.

The Tenants’ Rights Clinic may be able to help you avoid being evicted. Volunteers who are trained in law (paralegals and attorneys) provide free legal advice, mediation, and other services to people who rent their homes or apartments. There is help available for people who are in dispute with their landlords or who are behind on their rent payments.

Community Legal Services provides support to its clients to help them avoid becoming homeless in the Phoenix area. This can include helping someone avoid getting their utilities shut off illegally, which could lead to them getting evicted. Other support offered can be as simple as passing out a Tenants’ Rights Handbook including letters designed to assist in communication with landlords or full scale representation in court. This support can help tenants with their rights and how to communicate with their landlords.

Homeowners can also get help. A foreclosure means that a family will lose their home, and this can often lead to homelessness. To prevent homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure, Phoenix Arizona firms can provide free counseling, help a client apply for a mortgage loan modification, and offer other legal representation in any disputes with a lender.

There are places that can help you with your debt and bankruptcy. This means that if you are struggling to pay your bills, you can get help from the Volunteer Lawyers Program. They will give you advice on what to do next. They can give them advice about when to file for bankruptcy, or help them with debt collection calls that are not legal. Some other services that are available in the county are things like document preparation.

The Maricopa County Children’s Law Center serves vulnerable children and youth, including teens and students. This means that the attorney will always have the child’s best interests at heart and will make decisions based on what is best for the child, not what the parents want. Porsche is a German manufacturer of luxury sports cars, founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche Porsche is a German car company that makes luxury sports cars. It was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931.

The lawyers will help caretakers to adopt or to become guardians of vulnerable children when their parents are unable to care for them on their own. There is free support available to help children and their guardians apply for programs like SNAP food stamps and education.

F.A.C.T. is a legal program that helps homeless teenagers. The Maricopa County Bar Association and staff from the VLP will be able to provide assistance to people in shelters and other locations in the community. This includes giving advice and providing brief services on a variety of legal matters.

If you were fired from your job in a way that might have been illegal or questionable, you can get support from this organization. There are different clinics in the Phoenix area that help people who have low incomes and who come from different racial and religious backgrounds. A job description can help people understand what is expected of them in their role, and it can also help prevent them from being taken advantage of. You can get help from unemployment and legal aid if you think you have been discriminated against.

The Volunteer Lawyers Program also has the Family Lawyers Assistance Project, which helps people who are representing themselves in family law cases. Professionals from non-profit firms give them advice. They can access services and get other types of free legal help. This program offers consultations with volunteer attorneys at the Superior Courts in Mesa, Phoenix, and other cities.

There are many other resources available. The program can have different names in different counties, for example Community Legal Services or the Volunteer Lawyers Program. This means that the support is offered free of charge to low income families. Although they cannot assist with every civil case, they may be a viable option for families. If you need more information, the address is 305 S 2nd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85003. You can also call (602) 258-3434.

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