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Marion County and Indianapolis free clothes, furniture, and school supplies.

There are places that give away free clothes and furniture to people who need them. This happens in Marion County and all around Indianapolis. Some of the most popular items people request assistance with are clothing, Christmas gifts, back-to-school supplies, winter coats, and furniture for a home or apartment. People also frequently request clothes for a job interview.

The centers depend on donations from kind-hearted people in the community. If you have any extra clothes or other items that are in good condition, please consider donating them. The donations at each location will result in different offerings. This means that people who live in the city can go to this place to get things like shoes, work clothes, winter coats, and even things like furniture and appliances. The local Township Trustee in Marion County may be able to help with referrals.

There is an application process at each of the charitable furniture and clothing banks. There are not enough resources to help everyone, so not everyone will qualify to receive help. If you are looking for more information about non-profit organizations, you can contact a local organization for help.

The Bridgeport Central Baptist Church has a clothing ministry that provides free, donated, and gently used clothing to people in need. They will try to offer items to all persons in need of help, and will meet demand if possible. There is a variety of clothing available, including shoes, jackets, winter hats, work attire, and more.

The Brightwood Community Center is a community center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The center has a variety of amenities, including a gym, a library, and a computer lab. The center also offers programs and events for the community.

If you are in need of assistance, this non-profit can help you up to three times in a year. The charity will provide clothing, holiday assistance, meals, and household goods to those who are low income or cannot afford these items. In Marion County, students can get free backpacks and school supplies like notebooks and pencils.

There is a Township Trustee in every municipality in Marion County. They will try to satisfy an individual’s needs. There are many programs that can help with food, rent, mortgage, utilities, medical care and other needs. If you need clothes, there are places you can go to get them for free. These places include clothing closets, thrift stores, and free furniture banks. You can also find places to get clothes in a crisis, such as winter coats. This means that you may be able to get help with things like school supplies, work clothes, and even a way to get to your job. The locations are listed below.

The Center Township Trustee in Marion County can be reached at 863 Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis, IN 46204. The telephone number for the Trustee is (317) 633-3610. The Clay Township Trustee in Hamilton County can be found at 10701 North College Avenue in Indianapolis, IN 46280. The telephone number for the Trustee is (317) 846-2773. The Decatur Township Trustee can be contacted at 5410 South High School Road in Indianapolis, IN 46221. The telephone number for the Trustee is (317) 856-6600. The Franklin Township Trustee in Indianapolis, IN can be reached at 6231 South Arlington Avenue. The telephone number for the Trustee is (317) 780-1700 ext. The following are the contact information for the six township trustees in Marion County, Indiana: Perry Township Trustee: Address: 4925 South Shelby Street, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46227 Phone: (317) 788-4810 Pike Township Trustee: Address: 5665 Lafayette Road, Suite C, Indianapolis, IN 46254 Phone: (317) 291-5801 Washington Township Trustee: Address: 5302 North Keystone Avenue, Suite E, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 Phone: (317) 327-8800 Wayne Township Trustee: Address: 5401 West Washington, Indianapolis, IN 46241 Phone: (317) 241-4191 Lawrence Township Trustee: Address: 4455 McCoy Street, Suite 100, Lawrence, IN 46226 Phone: (317) 890-0011

The Central Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana will take donated clothing and redistribute them to people in need for free. Church clients will be able to receive a full set of clothing every two months. Clothes and other items may be offered for children of all ages, including diapers for infants. A small furniture distribution site is also available.

The Divine Direction Christian Church is located at 1733 East 46th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The church can be contacted by phone at (317) 440-6281.

The Fletcher Place Community Center is a place where people in need can go to get winter coats, blankets, donated clothing, small household items, backpacks, and personal hygiene items. The applicant needs to reside on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

The clothing is then given to people in need. Lambswear is a non-profit organization in Indianapolis that collects gently used clothing items to give to people in need. There are sizes for newborn babies up to 14/16 youth, and these clothes are distributed for free to children in need. The clothes can also help students during the school year. By providing them with clothing, they will be able to participate in activities and feel comfortable in their own skin. This can lead to increased confidence and a better overall academic experience. They only carry children’s sizes. There are clothes available in different locations throughout Marion County.

Great True Gospel Tabernacle is a church located in Indianapolis, Indiana that provides assistance programs to those in need. These programs include a free clothing closet, food pantry, furniture bank, and more.

The clothing closet at Harvest Prayer Center is located at 5062 Pike Plaza Road in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Horizon Christian Fellowship provides shoes, backpacks, coats and other items for students in need. More products may be given for free during Christmas. Some people are given household supplies and basic furniture.

They collect gently used furniture and housewares then make them available to low-income families and individuals free of charge. To reach the customer service line for this company, please call (317) 572-5724. There are many programs available to help low-income individuals. The furniture in a room can include beds, couches, tables, appliances, electronics, and more. The furniture bank is a place where people in need can go to get free furniture.

The HVAF of Indiana is a organization located in Indianapolis, Indiana that helps veterans in need. They can be contacted at (317) 951-0688.

The Jones Tabernacle AME Zion Church provides clothing for babies and adults, as well as goods for children in need. A client is only allowed to choose one coat, three outfits, and two pairs of shoes.

The Keystone Christian Church is located on East 56th Street in Indianapolis, IN. The church’s primary telephone number is (317) 255-5003.

The Metro Baptist Center is a community center in Indianapolis, Indiana that offers programs and services for residents of all ages. The center is located at 952 North Pennsylvania Street and can be reached by phone at (317) 687-0075.

The Salvation Army has social service programs at a few locations in Marion County. Many different types of assistance programs are available, providing everything from financial assistance to free material goods. Free back to school supplies or uniforms are available for kindergarten to high school students. Christmas toys, food, furniture, and other aid is offered for free or at a low cost. The Salvation Army Marion County provides assistance programs to help those in need. These programs include food assistance, financial assistance, and case management services. The Salvation Army also provides disaster relief services to help those affected by natural disasters.

The New Corinthian Baptist Church offers a variety of services to help people in need, including personal hygiene items, free food, clothing, and more.

Phillips Temple CME Church is a resource for diapers, winter clothes, household supplies, small furniture, and more. The church is located at 210 East 34th Street in Indianapolis, IN 46205. The telephone number for the church is (317) 925-2000. There may be desks, pots and pans, and kitchen supplies.

Hawkins The quest for excellence is the never-ending journey to be the best that we can be. It is a never-ending journey because there is always room for improvement. No matter how excellent we are, there is always something we can do to be even better. The quest for excellence is what drives us to be our best. They also require a government-issued ID, proof of residency and a pay stub or other form of income verification. Davis Donation Center is a non-profit organization that only helps people who were referred to them. They also require a government-issued ID, proof of residency and a pay stub or other form of income verification. There are many places where you can get help with food. Some examples are churches, community action agencies, and charities. Receive clothing and other household items. The assistance programs are for anyone who needs help in Marion County. Donations are always needed in order to help support the cause.

The Saint Vincent De Paul Indianapolis Society is a organization that provides various forms of assistance to people in need, including financial assistance. They are located at 1201 East Maryland Street in Indianapolis, Indiana, and their phone number is (317) 687-0169. You can call them to make an appointment for assistance. The center will provide donated clothing to people in need in the area. If you need help applying for public assistance, there are people who can help you. A thrift store that is low cost has furniture, appliances, vintage goods, and other items for sale at a low price. There is a program that provides free furniture to people in need.

The Servant’s Heart Of IndyAddress is a non-profit organization located at 5602 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 212 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The organization provides assistance to those in need through various programs and services. The phone number for the organization is (317) 788-9433.

The Food Link is a ministry that provides food for people in need. They are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and can be contacted at (317) 432-9565.

Tuxedo Park Baptist Church is a church located at 29 North Grant Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The church provides assistance to people in need through various programs. These programs are available to people in Marion County.

The West Morris Street Free Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana provides free clothing to those in need in the southwest area of the city. To access this service, please call (317) 632-8311. Some small household items are available. There is only enough assistance for one request per month.

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