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Memphis water bill assistance.

If you’re struggling to pay your water bill in Memphis or Shelby County, Tennessee, you might be able to get help through a payment plan or one-time financial assistance. The main resource available is called Plus-1, and it is run by the non-profit Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA).

The program helps people in need to pay for water and sewer bills. This can include families with low incomes and children, senior citizens, disabled people, and people who are facing a financial emergency or who have had their power shut off. The program was created to help families in need in the Memphis and Shelby County region of Tennessee.

The Plus-1 program provides financial assistance for water bills. The aid is given to people from many different backgrounds, religions, and areas of the county. If you are struggling to pay for essentials like food and housing, you may be able to get help from the government. This means that if you’re behind on your water bill and live in Shelby County, you may be able to get help from this program if you’ve exhausted all other options.

The economy is not doing well so people are demanding more. Each month, the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association receives nearly 1,000 requests for utility assistance, including water and sewer bills. The Plus-1 assistance program provides limited funds to help families pay for water expenses, but only about 20% of eligible families will receive assistance. However, those who do not receive aid or who may not be fully qualified from all terms and conditions may be offered payment plans or referrals. Plus-1 in Memphis provides customers with the resources they need to keep their utilities turned on and cook their meals, preventing them from experiencing greater difficulties.

The program is funded by people who donate money and contribute in other ways. Currently, Memphis Light, Gas and Water customers can donate to a water bill assistance program through one-time cash donations. These donations are tax deductible. Some people may choose to add a bit extra to their monthly water or utility bill in order to give back to their community. Your generous donations help many people in Shelby County every year by providing them with access to clean water. Thank you for your continued support!

Plus-1 adds one to the number entered. The Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association is a non-profit organization that collects donations for Plus-1, a program that provides assistance to people in need. The non-profit organization sends all the money it receives to local MIFA centers each month. MIFA accepts applications from low income people and gives them money from the fund.

The organization provides financial assistance to those in need in the community in cooperation with other local charities and non-profit agencies. This program provides financial assistance to people in need. A staff member can help a household set up a payment plan if they think it is a better solution in a certain scenario.

The resource is designed to help those in need in the Memphis Tennessee community who are struggling to pay their water bills. It is not an ongoing source of assistance, but is meant to be a stop-gap measure to help people in emergency situations. This is a one-time support from the non-profit.

Applying for help with water bills in Memphis TN

If you need help with your water or sewer bill, please contact Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association at (901) 527-0208. They will review your application and tell you if you qualify.

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