Miami Florida mortgage help center run by Bank of America

Bank of America has a center in Miami, Florida, where homeowners in the area can get help. The customers can receive data and access a lot of different mortgage help and foreclosure prevention programs.

There are many places across the country where people can go to talk to a counselor and learn about their options. All services and advice are offered for free to the client.

Bank of America is continuing to have difficulty with customers who are not keeping up with their monthly home loan payments. merger.Mortgage losses that Bank of America faced were due to its merger with Countrywide Financial Corp in 2008. If you purchase a home through Bank of America or Countrywide, you may be eligible for free counseling at their mortgage help centers.

The servicers are opening the locations in order to improve their current foreclosure and loan-modification processes, as required by the agreements they signed with government federal regulators.

Services offered at the Bank of America Miami mortgage center

If you want to schedule an appointment with the center, you should call first, because there is a lot of demand and not a lot of availability, especially in Florida, where the housing crisis has been bad. Call 1-800-634-7928 for questions about your credit card account. If you need help with your credit card account from Bank of America, call 1-800-634-7928. The programs and services are offered without any cost, and Miami-Dade homeowners who have mortgages from Countrywide or Bank of America can receive assistance. The people who have subprime and interest only mortgages are also the ones who are eligible for this.

The mortgage help center provides homeowners with the opportunity to meet with trained housing counselors to discuss their options. In-person meetings are usually more effective than phone calls, because they allow for more immediate communication.

You will go over the details of your home loan and your entire financial situation with the counselor. You and the counsellor will explore any options that you may have. The mortgage counselors will manage each customer’s file through the entire home loan modification process and have the authority to make decisions on site.

The first option that will be explored is a loan modification. If the homeowner is unable to get a mortgage modification, then there are other foreclosure prevention solutions that can be accessed. There are many different ways to prevent foreclosure, such as short sales, deed in lieus, and principal reduction.

Contact information

Bank of America has locations throughout Dade County. If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, please call 1-800-720-3758 to learn about the assistance programs that Bank of America offers. To learn about something is to gain an understanding of it through study or experience. There are many other foreclosure prevention programs offered to Miami Dade area families by Bank of America.

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