Assistance Program

Minneapolis mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs.

There are several primary agencies in the Minneapolis area that can help you with foreclosure. Many of the agencies providing housing counseling are non-profit organizations, and the services they offer are free to homeowners. These organizations help Minneapolis homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments or anticipate that you will have trouble in the future, PRG may be able to help. If you need help, it is better to ask for it right away. All of the services that are offered are free and open to anyone that owns a home, no matter their income level. The counselors will return any phone calls within one day.

The program offers help with understanding your mortgage terms, discussing options to prevent foreclosure, providing information about workout and modification options, negotiating with your lender or servicer, and communicating about what to expect in all stages of the foreclosure process.

The PRG foreclosure prevention group can be reached by phone at (612) 804-7025 or (612) 805-7756.

If you are going through a foreclosure, call the Neighborhood Development Alliance Foreclosure Prevention at 651-292-0131. A crisis may occur if you lose your job, your family becomes sick, or you face other unexpected events that make it difficult to pay your mortgage. There are ways to keep you in your home if you are facing foreclosure or struggling to make mortgage payments. NeDA’s Home Ownership Counseling services can help you stay in your home.

The main aim of the HUD certified foreclosure counseling agency is to help Minneapolis families who are facing foreclosure and explore all the possible options to prevent it. The counselors from the agency can help you by talking to your lender or mortgage company and finding out what your options are. The counselors will explain the foreclosure process to you and help you understand your financial situation. They will also help you develop a budget and improve your credit. If you need help with money, they will try to give you some financial assistance.

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