Rent Assistance

Monterey County rent assistance.

Monterey County in California offers assistance for those who need help paying for rent, either on a short-term or emergency basis. Individuals or families who are about to be evicted or are struggling to pay their monthly rent can apply for help. Families can contact any of the following non-profits, government programs, or agencies. The government provides financial assistance to those who need help with rent.

The rent assistance is given to those people who are in danger of getting evicted, families with children, senior citizens, and the disabled. This means that not everyone who needs financial assistance for housing will be able to get it. The non-profit organizations in Monterey County will help people pay their rent or security deposits. If an applicant cannot be helped by a particular government housing assistance program, the program may be able to refer the applicant to other similar programs.

The Housing Authority of Monterey County provides low income families with rental assistance and emergency support. The agency can be contacted by phone at 831-775-5000. The government also provides housing assistance through the Section 8 program. To be eligible, applicants must have low incomes and meet other criteria. Housing Authority standards are supplemented by private market rents in Section 8. The client pays 30% of their total income for rent.

The Central Coast HIV/AIDs Services provides help for HIV positive residents in Salinas, California. The services can be accessed by calling (831) 442-3959. The government provides housing, transportation, and medical assistance to those in need.

One in Austin and Round Rock Catholic Charities has two offices, one in Austin and Round Rock. This organization provides financial assistance and guidance to those who need it. Some families who either have low incomes or are working poor will be given a loan without interest in order to help them pay rent or other important bills.

If you are active military personnel, a veteran, or have an immediate family member who is, you can get help with rent and eviction prevention from Army Community Service.

This program provides a guarantee to landlords for the security deposit of a qualified low-income household. The Housing Advocacy of Monterey County offers a security deposit guarantee program for qualified low-income households. This program guarantees the security deposit for qualified households to landlords. This program ensures that landlords will receive the security deposit from renters during the first year of the tenancy. The tenant needs to pay 1/12 of the deposit each month for one year to qualify for help.

The Housing Resource Center of Monterey County offers resources and assistance for those seeking housing in the area. They can help with finding a place to live, applying for benefits, and connecting with other resources in the community. The organization provides rent and housing assistance programs for low income individuals, those who have lost their jobs, and other disadvantaged groups.

The First United Methodist Church in Salinas, California has an on-site shelter for people in need. The people who work at this place are really nice and they can help you figure out how to not get kicked out of your house.

The John XXIII AIDS Ministry provides case management services to HIV and/or AIDS patients in order to help them avoid eviction or homelessness. Their telephone number is 831-442-3959 and they are located in Monterey, California.

Shelter Outreach Plus – Homeward Bound is a non-profit organization that helps single females and single female head of household families transition into new homes. Applicants need to pay 30% of their income towards rent, but if they do so this non-profit offers a two-year transitional living program. The rent-subsidized housing will help them to become stable again.

The Salvation Army in Monterey, California provides eviction prevention and rental assistance to help families stay in their homes or apartments. The aim is to stop people from becoming homeless. There is also an emergency shelter for men and women in the community.

This law firm provides free or low cost legal assistance and education to low income residents of Monterey County, California. The lawyers always focus on the tenant’s and landlord’s rights and responsibilities, as well as preventing eviction. In particular, they focus on preventing and contesting illegal evictions.

The Monterey Veterans Resource Center can help you with housing, and can be reached at 831-375-1184. There may be emergency grants for paying rent as well as help in obtaining permanent or transitional housing. This means that if you are struggling to pay your rent, you may be eligible for a grant to help you cover the cost. Additionally, if you need assistance in finding permanent or transitional housing, there may also be resources available to help you with that. The company offers to help with the security deposit and moving costs for veterans.

The Monterey Peninsula Salvation Army provides very limited financial aid to those in need. Some rent assistance may be paid out in the form of a loan, meaning that the recipient will have to pay the money back at some point. Some other social services that are available to people in need are transitional housing, shelter, and food. These services can help people get back on their feet and improve their lives. Other organizations that offer help with rent payments may be able to provide assistance to those in need. The number given is 831-899-1335.

The Conflict Resolution and Mediation Center in Monterey, California provides renters with mediation and conflict services for landlord/tenant and neighborhood problems, as well as information on fair housing and rent assistance programs.

There are two legal services offices available for seniors. If you are over the age of 60 and have low income or are socially or economically needy, you can call this number for free or low cost legal advice and representation. Lawyers help people with problems related to housing, money, health care, and government assistance.

The city of Pacific Grove has a rental assistance program to help residents with their rent. There is a limited amount of money available to help low-income families pay for housing in Pacific Grove. They also manage the section 8 housing voucher program.

The Casa De La Cultura Center is located at 225 Salinas Road in Pajaro, California. The center offers a variety of cultural programming and events for the community. The phone number for the center is (831) 763-0702.

The county’s Community Development Department in Salinas, California, provides grants from the federal government’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. Call (831) 758-7334 for more information. This means that the service is being paid for by money from the stimulus package.

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