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Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Assistance from Freddie Mac.

These help centers provide free one-on-one counseling to homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. At first, the centers will be in Phoenix, Chicago, Washington, DC, and San Bernardino, but more are going to be built later. The Freddie Mac Homeowner Assistance Centers are available to help struggling homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage payments. These centers provide free and confidential counseling to help borrowers develop a plan to get back on track. No matter who your mortgage servicer is, you can get help from these centers. The company is also launching a separate Borrower Help Network which will be offering mortgage counseling over the phone to targeted Freddie Mac borrowers, no matter where they live.

There will be a lot of free advice, assistance and counseling available. This financial counseling will help borrowers deal with their overall finances, including budgeting, credit card debt, and other financial issues. They will assess the homeowner’s financial situation as a whole. The counselors will look at an assessment of the borrower’s overall outstanding debt and credit. The goal of a loan modification is to make it easier for the borrower to keep up with their mortgage payments. This is done by addressing any financial issues that could make it difficult for the borrower to make their payments on time. There are other places that can help you with your debt, including credit card hardship programs and debt management plans.

Freddie Mac is one of the leading government organizations that is providing support. They have helped a lot of people keep their homes during difficult times. This includes reducing or changing the amount of money you owe on your home through the federal government’s Making Home Affordable Program.

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The services do not cost any money. The Borrower Help Centers will be initially located in Chicago, Phoenix, Washington, DC and California’s Inland Empire. The program will continue in other cities, states, and towns. The centers are currently contacting delinquent borrowers identified by Freddie Mac and they are scheduling appointments with these homeowners. If you are a borrower who is behind on your mortgage payments, you can contact the Borrower Help Center in your community to schedule a free appointment. You do not need to wait for a phone call from Freddie Mac.

Mortgage help from Freddie Mac

There are counselors who work at each Borrower Help Center and help with mortgages. They are all highly trained to review Freddie Mac’s requirements and solutions for making home affordable workouts with their clients. They will take measures to prevent a foreclosure and help the borrower stay in their home. These counselors will help the homeowner through the process of applying for loan modification by providing one-on-one guidance and advice. They will also work with Home Retention Services, a subsidiary of Stewart Lender Services, to help homeowners stop a foreclosure. These steps help borrowers communicate effectively with their lenders, banks, or mortgage servicers.

The program offers many benefits, including the help of a counselor to work with borrowers on other outstanding issues, such as credit cards, automobile loans, and other types of debt. The options offered by Freddie Mac are numerous.

What are the names of the centers located in Chicago, San Bernardino, and Phoenix? You should contact Freddie Mac to find out how they can help you with your mortgage and prevent a foreclosure.

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The Freddie Mac Borrower Center has locations in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area, Phoenix, Arizona, and Chicago, Illinois. HomeFree-USA is located in Hyattsville, Maryland, and Chicanos Por La Causa is located in Phoenix, Arizona. To contact either of these organizations, dial 301-891-4606 or 602-258-0838, respectively. Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix is located at 1405 East McDowell Road, Suite 100, Phoenix, Arizona 85006. The phone number for this organization is 602-258-1659. Finally, Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services (NPHS) is located in Ontario, California at 320 West G Street, Suite 103. The phone number for this organization is 800-761-6747. If a borrower center is not near you, you can call the numbers above.


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