Assistance Program

Nantucket assistance program.

The Emergency Food Pantry and Interfaith Council Rental Assistance program

If you live on Nantucket and are struggling to afford food or pay rent, this organization can help you. The Emergency Food Pantry is located at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Fair Street. The Interfaith Council is the primary contributor to the food pantry. They will give free food to families who are struggling.

The Nantucket Rental Assistance Program is a program that helps low and mid income families with housing. The program is sponsored by the Interfaith Council.

Some of the details of the program include individuals and families that are currently residing in a rental unit can get help with paying their first month’s rent and their last month’s rent. Renters may receive ongoing monthly payments, or one to two months of rent payments in an emergency situation.

There are requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for financial assistance. In order to qualify for the Nantucket Rental Assistance Program, families must demonstrate that they will be able to continue to make rent payments after the assistance from the program has ended. The program is not designed to provide aid that is never-ending. There is also an income requirement. The most money you can get from this assistance is $3,000. To speak with someone at the front desk, please dial 508-228-7438.

Another local housing resource is Project Prevention, which is run by the local community action agency and Housing Assistance Corporation. The non-profit HAC provides housing programs for local individuals and families who may be at risk of eviction or homelessness. HAC’s programs aim to help keep people in their homes and reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness. A lot of workshops and housing counseling is offered for first-time home buyers. This means that if you are low income, you may be able to get help from the government to pay your rent. This can help you keep your home or apartment. You can apply for home repairs and rehabilitation. Finally, homeowners in Massachusetts can find information on programs to help them avoid foreclosure and eviction. The HAC also manages the Regional Housing Consumer Education Center (HCEC).

The agency provides services to community members such as personal budgeting, home-buying programs for first timers, and counseling about debt and credit problems.

The Housing Assistance Corporation offers many services to help people with their housing needs. They offer loans for first-time home buyers, rental programs, homeless shelters, home rehabilitation programs, foreclosure and housing counseling, mortgage payment assistance, credit and debt counseling, rent payment assistance, mortgage foreclosure information, housing search and information, mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling, personal finances/budget counseling, free legal advice, weatherization energy saving tips, specialized information and referral regarding housing issues, transitional housing/shelter, and landlord/tenant assistance and mediation.

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