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Neighborhood House financial assistance programs.

Neighborhood House is a leading charity in Delaware that helps families in need. They provide food, clothing, and other necessities to families in need. This faith-based organization is committed to helping those who are less fortunate and living in poverty. The agency will provide assistance and guidance to families as much as possible, given available funding and resources. The staff will help them find a way to be productive, independent, and successful in the long run. They provide support and guidance for the community and offer programs to help with economic and leadership development.

Some people may qualify for emergency or crisis aid from Neighborhood House throughout this process. This can include help with rent or mortgages, making homes more energy efficient, or help with heating bills. Neighborhood House provides clients with social services so they can be successful in today’s society and job market. The resources available through the program help residents in a number of ways, including providing information on how to find a job, how to improve their credit score, and how to get help with bills. They can help with a variety of different issues. The following are examples of services.

Financial aid for paying bills in New Castle County

Emergency assistance and Crisis Relief programs can help low-income families and individuals. The assistance given will help with meeting their short-term needs such as paying the rent, buying food, and paying for utilities like heat and electricity. If you are in a crisis situation, Neighborhood House can help you become more stable.

The Neighborhood House staff can help you with finding a place to live, whether you’re looking to rent or buy a home. They can also provide information on other housing options, like assisted living facilities. The resource provides information on housing options and services to residents of New Castle County and Wilmington. Assistance can help with things like keeping and paying for rent, or even buying a new home.

The community usually donates money to pay for any financial assistance. This funding will help Neighborhood House pay for a portion of rent or a security deposit. It’s possible that the money will be used to buy food. This support can be available for renters, homeowners, and/or persons in need of utility bill or food assistance. They also run a food pantry that is open by appointment only. Individuals in need of food assistance from the pantry need to call the Family Services department to set up an appointment.

The weatherization program helps people save money on their utility and heating bills. This organization works throughout New Castle County. The main purpose is to install energy efficiency improvements in the homes of low-income persons.

It will help them save energy and improve their health and safety. The Weatherization Assistance Program helps low-income people by reducing their heating and cooling costs and making their homes or rentals safer.

Housing counselors from the non-profit can provide clients with guidance on issues related to buying or renting a home, financial literacy, dealing with credit issues, or intervening in a foreclosure. The agency is a certified organization by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Some of the services offered by the housing authority come with no cost to low-income residents, while other services come with a small fee. This can include activities such as Pre-Purchase or credit counseling in the state of Delaware.

Self-sufficiency, education, employment and counseling

Services for youth will help them develop skills, knowledge, and abilities that will lead to long-term success. Our programs are designed to help students succeed in school and in life Our programs are designed to help students succeed academically and in life skills. The All Stars program is for students who need extra help in school. The UD Early Learning Center provides early childhood education. Homework Help is a program to help students with their homework outside of school. The Extended Hours Program provides a safe place for students to go after school. The school provides services to children before and after school hours. These services include homework help, breakfast and lunch, and recreation.

This program works to ensure that children have a stable and safe environment to grow up in. It will keep families strong and safe in a community that cares for them. This process uses strategies to prevent and intervene early on, with support from family and friends. There are also several different services that can help support you.

The Middletown Neighborhood House provides a housing counseling program and family services. The organization will help with job search assistance and similar activities. The Career Center can help you find a job that is a better fit for you and is located in New Castle or the surrounding area.

Contact information for Neighborhood House

For more information, please call or visit either the office at 1218 B St, Wilmington, DE, (phone (302) 652-3928) or the center at 219 W Green St, Middletown, Delaware. Please call (302) 378-5569.

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