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New London and Middlesex County Catholic Charity assistance programs.

The main organization to contact for assistance is Catholic Charities, Diocese of Norwich. The organization provides various programs to help those who are having difficulties. They provide social services and really focus on helping people meet and address their basic human needs.

Some of the assistance programs offered by Catholic Charities include help with food, housing, and clothing. The agency can help you with your housing situation. This means that they can help you with things like preventing you from being evicted, helping you if you’re behind on your mortgage, and giving you emergency rental assistance if you need it. Catholic Charities provides services with competence and caring, regardless of the individual’s race, ethnicity, or religion. Catholic Charities will focus on those who are most in danger and who need the most help. Most assistance is offered as a last resort, so an individual can’t have any other options available to them and need to have applied for other resources first, including government aid.

Case managers provide assistance to families in New London County so that they can become more independent. This includes helping them access resources and support, teaching them new skills, and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives. This is done by providing educational opportunities, job training information and other enrichment programs. The social workers at Catholic Charities help clients by improving their self-sufficiency and getting them out of poverty.

Services and assistance for basic needs such as food, shelter, prescription medication, transportation, etc. are offered to those who request help. This program provides temporary financial assistance to families and individuals in need who reside in Norwich, Preston, Sprague, and Griswold.Catholic Charities of Norwich offers a program that provides temporary financial assistance to families and individuals who reside in Norwich, Preston, Sprague, and Griswold and are in need of financial assistance. This organization has several offices in different locations, including Norwich, New London and Willimantic in Connecticut.

The clients of the Catholic Charity can ask for help with their immediate needs. They can also explore ways to become more self-sufficient in the future. This organization provides services to help people improve their lives and reach their goals. They offer programs that teach life skills, help with job search and placement, and provide financial counseling. This can help an individual to be successful in their work or training program.

This program provides financial assistance and other services to help with day-to-day living expenses and basic needs, including utility bills, rent, and food. This can also include distribution of funds from different sources like Operation Fuel, FEMA, and also various other non-profit community and government grants. The purpose of this aid is to help families and individuals by giving them money to pay for things.

There are a number of organizations that offer free or low cost assistance to people who are struggling with their mortgage or rental payments. These organizations can provide counseling on budgeting and credit, help with finding new housing, and offer classes on home buying. The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority runs most of the state’s foreclosure programs, which provide assistance to homeowners who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments.

Catholic Charity programs look at whether a home or apartment is affordable in the long run. Programs can help people who own or rent their home to get the tools they need to live sustainably, own their home, and be self-sufficient. Social workers can provide individualized counseling, as well as group sessions and workshops.

Apply to Catholic Charities in Middlesex and New London area

This is to help families who are about to be evicted or foreclosed on. The program provides help with managing money, personalized counseling, repairing credit, reducing debt, and other financial issues. The Norwich Catholic Charity agency has helped hundreds or even thousands of individuals and low income families in Middlesex and other regions over the years.

331 Main St. is a street address in Norwich, Connecticut. The phone number for this location is 860-889-8346.

28 Huntington Street is in New London, Connecticut. The telephone number is 860-443-5328.

The address is 88 Jackson Street in Willimantic, Connecticut, and the phone number is 860-423-7065.

The address is 553 Portland – Cobalt Rd. Portland, Connecticut 06480 and the phone number is 860-342-0760.

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