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North Georgia Community Action financial assistance programs.

The Community Action of North Georgia is a non-profit organization that helps people in need by providing case management and information about programs that offer financial assistance. If you are a very low income family, you may be able to get help with your finances. There are resources available in the counties of Chatooga, Cherokee, Catoosa, Dade, Fannin, Gilmer, Whitfield, Murray, Pickens, and Walker in Georgia.

The agency is focused on meeting basic needs. It is also important to have family services or case management, which can help with employment and education. The National Girls Collaborative Project works to bring together programs that focus on empowering girls in STEM. Some of the main programs they offer are detailed below.

Financial aid for bills in North Georgia

Emergency assistance is for people who are in a bad situation and need help. Somebody’s situation might have been caused by them losing their job, or not having enough money coming in. Maybe they had an unexpected expense, like having to pay to fix their car. Despite this, many people who live in northern Georgia do not have enough resources to live comfortably.

A large portion of Emergency Assistance in the counties of Catoosa, Walker, and Chatooga comes from referrals. This assistance can include help with utility bills from LIHEAP, rent to prevent eviction, budget counseling and referrals, and information on foreclosure assistance. If someone is homeless, they may be able to get help from a program that provides money for a security deposit, or they may be able to stay in a shelter.

The LIHEAP program provides cash grants to qualifying applicants or families who have low incomes. The Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) can help with increased energy costs during the winter. The program can help with things like heating bills and other energy-related expenses. This service is available in all counties located within the area served by North Georgia Community Action. All recipients are allowed one annual benefit to help pay for their utility bills.

The state of Georgia’s LIHEAP program helps thousands of families each month, including many in the northern part of the state. It can also help low income households, the disabled and elderly people to have their power on. The LIHEAP grants can help with the cost of air conditioners, heating systems, or repairs to a home. To find contact information for LIHEAP programs in Georgia, go to the website for the Georgia Department of Human Services. From the main page, select the “Self-Sufficiency” tab and then click on the “Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)” link. This will take you to a page with program information and a list of phone numbers for local offices.

There are food pantries at many of the local Community Service Centers. They provide families and individuals with free groceries, food, clothing, and hygiene items. This service is for people who need help in an emergency.

There is a food bank in the community that helps people who are struggling to get food. This organization provides basic necessities like food and canned goods to low income households. The NGCA community service center offers a walk-in service that can be used by anyone.

The community action agency will provide emergency aid to those who are homeless. There are places where people can stay temporarily in Northern Georgia while they are waiting for permanent housing. Community support services helps people connect with resources like job counseling, credit advice, and referral services. If someone is in danger of being removed from their home, they are a top priority and may be given financial assistance for housing or rent payments. The Emergency Shelter Grant program provides a lot of the funding for this organization.

There is a need for weatherization for low income people. It’s important but often overlooked. NGCA’s main focus is on helping low income, disabled and senior citizens. An annual grant is set aside to fund this service.

The North Georgia Community Action Agency Weatherization Services uses money to make eligible homes better. The energy conservation program is designed to reduce home heating and cooling bills by ensuring health and safety or improving energy efficiency. This means that disabled or low-income elderly individuals are given priority.

The updates were designed to mostly tackle the problem of high home heating and cooling bills for low-income and elderly families. Homes can get better insulation in the attic, small heating repairs, caulking to make it airtight, weather-stripping to keep out drafts, and in some cases more energy-saving appliances.

Get help from North Georgia Community Action employment and self-sufficiency

Family Development is a process that helps families improve their lives. It involves working with a case manager to identify goals and create a plan to achieve them. It is a program that focuses on strengths. The applicant will work with staff from North Georgia Community Action on a monthly or weekly basis to address barriers that may be preventing them from reaching their personal goals.

An assessment is completed to determine the needs and a formalized plan is developed. The plan should include goals such as employment, affordable housing, education and training, financial stability, and health care.

Assistance programs focused on seniors

The Congregate Meal Sites are for older adults aged 60 or older and their spouses to come together and eat a meal. Individuals in the Walker County region will be able to get a hot, nutritious lunch at Congregate Meal sites. This means that everyone can receive this, no matter how much money they make. The organisation provides free meals but asks for a small donation to help with the cost of the food.

Many seniors come early for lunch not only because it’s low cost or free, but also for the social aspect and to enjoy the company of others. Site activities include things like quilting, bingo, cards, board games, or exercise classes. There are also workshops about financial matters, like how to apply for Medicare.

The North Georgia Community Action Mountain Area Transportation System helps people with affordable public transportation, especially those who are elderly or have disabilities. This company operates in the region, including Gilmer, Pickens, Fannin, Whitfield and Gordon County. The MATS transportation service is available for people with disabilities and does not operate on a set schedule or route. Some examples of the types of rides that can be provided are shopping trips, medical appointments, or very local trips.

There are also free transportation programs for senior citizens in the region. Most of the Community Action of North Georgia’s programs are paid for by the government. Some people cannot drive because of health or age, or because they cannot afford a car. There are free rides from volunteers in some counties. Some public transportation systems offer free rides to seniors.

Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to seniors who are unable to leave their homes. It is often run in partnership with agency on aging offices. The service provides a free, daily nutritious meal to homebound families or individuals to help them stay at home for as long as possible. The staff at North Georgia Community Action can also help connect you to other services you may need in the area.

Apply for help from North Georgia Community Action

The North Georgia Community Action provides support to several counties. The amount of resources, the hours they are available, and how much money is available may vary by county.

The phone number is 706-657-4368. Catoosa County office is located at 4053 Boynton Drive, Ringgold, Georgia 30736. To reach the office, dial 706-858-0926. Chattooga County Office is located at 152 Senior Drive, Summerville, GA 30747. The main phone number for the office is 706-857-0729. Cherokee County Office is located at 3049 Marietta Hwy, Suite 120, Canton, GA 30115. The phone number for the office is 770-345-6531. Dade County office is located at 3622 Hwy 11 S., Trenton, GA 30752. The phone number for the office is 706-657-4368. Main St., Ellijay, GA 30540, 706-635-4545If you need help, please call one of these numbers: For information, please call 706-657-4664. Fannin County, 6408 Old Hwy 76, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, 706-632-2854 Gilmer County Center, 1559 S. Main St., Ellijay, GA 30540, 706-635-4545 Crescent Dr., Dalton, GA 30721The address for Murray County is 217 E. Crescent Dr., Dalton, GA 30721 Market St., Chatsworth, GA 30705, telephone number 706-695-5913 Duke Street, LaFayette, Georgia 30728,706-638-9898 The address of the Courthouse Annex in LaFayette, GA is Main Street, Courthouse Annex 3. Marietta Pkwy NW, Suite 200, Marietta, GA 30060.Please call the non-profit at 706-638-2163. The address is Hamilton Street, Dalton, Georgia 30722 and the phone number is 706-226-7241.

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