Food Pantries

Northampton County emergency free food pantries.

Northampton County food pantries and soup kitchens work to help people who are in need. The people who use these centers come from many different backgrounds. Some are senior citizens, some are single parents, and some are children who need a meal during the summer. A combination of emergency boxes of food and SNAP food stamps are passed out to those in need.

The food that is donated or given as funding comes from many different places, such as nearby restaurants, the USDA, and from people in the community raising money. Many food pantries are run by volunteers who are dedicated to helping those in need. They provide food and other support to those who are less fortunate.

The primary locations for finding free food in Northampton County are listed below. If someone wants to become a resident at our facility, they can call to set up an intake appointment.

The Salvation Army in Easton, Pennsylvania provides free food to residents of the town of Eaton. There are also programs for SNAP food stamps, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and financial aid for bills or housing needs. However, fighting hunger is a priority.

The food bank may have frozen or fresh foods, baby formula, fruits, vegetables, and more.

The Nazareth Area Food Bank is a place where people in need can go to get frozen and non-perishable food items. The address is 529 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, 18064 and the phone number is 610-365-8869. The other location is at 1601 Canal Street, Northampton, PA, 18067. If you need help finding a service provider, you can call 610-262-8030 for referrals.

The Central Moravian Food Bank provides food and other items to people in need who can provide proof of income.

St John’s Church is a project in Easton, Pennsylvania that is open to the public. The church is located at 320 Ferry Street and the phone number is 610-258-4361.

The New Bethany Ministries Food Pantry provides free emergency food to residents of the 18015 zip code.

The mission of New Bethany Ministries is to end poverty and homelessness in the Lehigh Valley by providing basic needs and skills training to people in need. They are located at 3233 Apples Church Road in Bethlehem, PA and their hours are 610-838-0731.

The Salvation Army of Bethlehem provides food assistance to low income families and the elderly through weekly boxes of food and hot meals. Other assistance may also be available on a weekly basis.

The Hispanic Center of the Lehigh Valley is a community organization that provides resources and advocacy for Latino residents in eastern Pennsylvania. The center is located in Bethlehem, PA, and can be reached by phone at 610-868-7800.

The Salvation Army in Pen Argyl provides a food pantry and thrift store for those in need. The store is located at 301 West Main Street and the phone number is 610-863-6677.

Northeast Ministry provides food boxes to people in need once a month.

The Little Moore Food Bank is a food bank located at 913 South Mink Road in Danielsville, Pennsylvania. The food bank can be contacted at 610-837-6051.

The Easton Area Neighborhood Center is a place where families in Northampton County can go to get free groceries. There may be rice, canned meats, fruits, and referrals to public aid programs such as WIC.

The Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley is a referral-only organization. They provide no direct services themselves, but can connect you with other organizations that might be able to help you. This sentence is informing the reader that families in Northampton who are living in poverty can get information and assistance from the USDA with things like food stamps and holiday meals. The non-profit also connects seniors to Meals on Wheels.

The Slater Family Network provides hot meals, an emergency pantry, and other assistance to those in need. To access these services, please call 610-599-7019. They also help people in Northhampton who are unemployed by giving them clothes and vouchers for things they need.

This program will help to offset the cost of groceries for the family.To enroll in the Food Stamp benefit program, contact the Northampton County DHS at 610-250-1700. This program is available to very low income families and can help offset the cost of groceries. If they qualify, they will be given an EBT card.

The Slate Belt Pregnancy Support Services is a non-profit that provides baby supplies, formula for new months, clothing, cribs, and other items to those in need. If parents need help to pay for food, they can apply for vouchers from the USDA’s WIC program.

The Trinity Episcopal Church has baby furniture that can be loaned out to people in need. There is also food, groceries, and formula available for free.

This service is for those who are unable to go grocery shopping for themselves. It is for senior citizens, the disabled, and homebound individuals in Northampton County. They will do the grocery shopping for you and deliver the groceries to your home.

The Animal Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley is a food bank that provides free food for low income families with cats or dogs. The food that is provided is for the pet’s health and wellbeing.

The food bank at Families First provides year-round assistance, as well as holiday food baskets and toys.

The Trinity Church Ark Soup Kitchen in Conine Hall in Easton, Pennsylvania provides free hot meals, lunches, and other programs to those in need. For more information, please call 610-253-0792.

If you would like more information, please call 610.434.0875. There is more help available if you need it, like food stamps or free lunches for seniors, or you can go to a food pantry for more food.

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