Northhampton Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army has a social service program that helps people in the Northhampton County region. A case manager is someone who helps people who are experiencing financial difficulties or other problems. They may offer advice on how to budget or where to get help with financial problems. They may also help with social and spiritual issues. The non-profit organization strives to solve many community issues. Volunteers and staff from the agency partner with others to provide necessary resources during an emergency or to meet basic needs.

Providing food and fighting hunger has always been a high priority. The Salvation Army will collaborate with other food-based charities and non-profit organizations in Northampton and across Pennsylvania to ensure that children, seniors, and other individuals in need are receiving healthy food options. Many people in the area go hungry each month.

The agency will provide food assistance through pantries, soup kitchens, and holiday meals programs. There are centers that can help by giving out free food like canned goods and warm meals to people who need it. The Salvation Army needs donations and volunteers to help them meet the needs of the community. For more information or to apply for help, please call the following. To reach Allentown, dial 610.432.0129. If you are a resident of Bethlehem, you should call 610.867.4681. Easton residents can dial 610.258.9531, and Pen Argyl families can call 610.863.6677.

Emergency and Disaster Response Programs can help residents who are impacted by man-made or natural disasters by providing them with resources and assistance. The Salvation Army provides assistance to those in need during a crisis. This can include practical support and compassion. This can include providing people with essential needs like food and water, as well as giving them vouchers for things like motels. It also requires a lot of understanding and empathy.

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The Salvation Army provides information on shelters and transitional housing units for the homeless in Northhampton County. People usually need these services more during the winter months when it’s cold in Pennsylvania. However, the organization will focus on taking a proactive approach to addressing homelessness. They help people by offering services that prevent them from becoming homeless, like giving them money to pay for rent or their electricity bill. If an applicant has some sort of income and the agency has funding, the applicant is more likely to qualify for aid. I will work with case managers to find more permanent housing units or apartments.

There are many resources available to help people during Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There are programs where you can adopt a family or become an angel tree. Some organizations offer free gifts, food baskets, toys and household goods to those who need help. The Salvation Army will place the Angel trees in local malls, post offices and other public places and they are requesting donations from the community to help support their programs. Many children from the area benefit from these resources every year. There are also special meal programs for holidays.

There may be additional emergency assistance available to you depending on your needs and funding. Some people may require medication for a condition that could be life-threatening, but their insurance may not cover the costs. The Salvation Army may have a voucher that can be used for a discount. If someone needs gas money for a job interview or medical appointment in Northampton, they can ask for help from others. Another focus is on children and people who are most vulnerable without support, such as the elderly. These individuals may receive emergency financial support from the agency. This means that if you receive any money from the government in the form of a grant or fund, you will likely have to attend case management services, explore job opportunities and take other steps to become self-sufficient.

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The nearest centers are located at 105 W Broad St, Tamaqua, PA. Call the number 570-668-0410. There is another center located on 144 N 8th St in Allentown. Please call (610) 432-2381.

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