Assistance Program

Nye County assistance programs

General assistance for bills

The Salvation Army of Nye County is a great resource for those in need of assistance. The organization provides individuals and families with various resources, programs, and services, which are listed below. The Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects is located in Pahrump, NV 89048-2149, and the phone number is (775) 751-6171.

This could be in the form of food, gifts, or money. There are many organizations that offer this type of assistance, and you can usually find them through your local church or community center. There are many organizations that offer assistance to those in need around the holidays, such as food, gifts, or money. These organizations can typically be found through local churches or community centers. The Salvation Army can help with a holiday meal, gifts for children, and other needs around Christmas and the holidays.

The department only has a limited amount of money to offer rent and housing assistance. However, if the agency does have funding, people may be able to receive limited financial assistance for paying rent to prevent an eviction, and other housing support.

There is a lack of funding to pay for energy bills which include cooling and utilities. The federal government has a program to help low-income people pay for their energy costs. This is a program that provides financial assistance to low-income households to help them pay for energy bills.

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