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Ocean County Salvation Army assistance programs.

If families are struggling and need help, they can go to the Salvation Army. This non-profit organization is based in Ocean County, New Jersey. Case managers can provide direct financial assistance to help pay bills, mortgages, deposits or rent to clients, as resources allow. The Salvation Army provides Christmas gifts, school supplies, and turkey meals to those in need in Ocean County. If you do not meet the qualifications for this organization, they can usually refer you to other non-profit organizations or government programs that can help you, including homeless shelters and clothing banks.

Free food, meals, gift, and school supply assistance programs

Support during the holidays is especially important for children and seniors in the community. The Salvation Army and its volunteers provide eligible residents of Ocean County, New Jersey with support. This can include things like free toys, food, gifts, clothing, and visitations for seniors during the holidays. There are many ways to help families in need during the holidays. Some examples include adopting a family, providing gifts through an Angel Tree program, and more. Find an organization in your community that is helping families and see how you can help make their holiday season a little brighter.

At certain times of year, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, some places will offer a free meal to everyone. Children may also receive a small gift. This can help families feel more peaceful during difficult times. The Salvation Army and its volunteers across Ocean County are trying to make the region more cheerful during the holidays.

The Salvation Army has food pantries at many of its locations in Ocean County. These can be used as a last resort in an emergency. Some common staples in food pantries are canned goods and other non-perishable items such as rice or bread. If you are very low income or homeless, you may be able to get a hot breakfast, lunch, or dinner from a soup kitchen. You can work with a case manager to apply for programs like food stamps.

There are places where you can get clothes for free or for very cheap. The Salvation Army Corps Community Centers provide their clients with clothing that is either new or gently used. Some people might wear a winter coat, professional work attire, and more. Low-income people may receive a voucher for free goods.

The centers will largely distribute items that have been donated from the community. The needs that are most in demand are typically shoes, boots, winter coats for children, clothing for work, and school supplies for students. Many individuals from Ocean County donate used household furniture, items and their surplus clothing to Goodwill. If you are able to donate to the Salvation Army, please do so. Many people donate items instead of throwing them away when they move.

Nutrition Programs are for people who are elderly, young children, students who are on break from school, and others. These services provide food to people who cannot obtain or prepare it themselves. This program provides seniors with a free or low-cost breakfast and lunch daily, as well as recreational, educational, and social activities.

Other ways that seniors can get help are by having someone check in on them regularly or by having someone help them with tasks that they may struggle with. This means that there are people who are willing to help those who are unable to leave their homes due to disability or age. These helpers are usually volunteers.

Ocean County Salvation Army emergency financial help

There is assistance available for those who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Ocean County. This assistance can take the form of help with rent, utilities, or homelessness prevention. The Salvation Army is an organization that can help with things like rent, shelter, and information about other resources. The focus is on those who are about to be evicted.

If you are currently homeless, then look into shelters and homes for people who are transitioning between homes. These will allow individuals time to get back on their feet and find a permanent home in the area. In addition to housing, these New Jersey units also provide food and other necessities.

There is help available for those who need assistance with prescription drugs. The Salvation Army has partnered with the state of New Jersey, charities, federal agencies, and drug companies to try to make critical medications available. The goal of this program is to help patients save money on their prescriptions. There are many resources available to help with things like coupons for prescriptions, vouchers, Medicaid applications, and clinics.

Social Services usually involve helping people in need and connecting them with the resources they need. This can include helping with things like food, housing, and medical care. If you don’t have money for things you need, the Salvation Army can help you pay for prescriptions, find a place to stay, get food and clothes, and connect you with other resources. There are support services available from the government, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other sources. A food pantry on wheels will visit different areas and hand out food to people in need. If you’re experiencing a disaster, relief and assistance is available from Ocean County.

Case workers from the Salvation Army help those who are most vulnerable in Ocean County, including immigrants, the elderly, and the disabled. Referral services will connect you with financial aid or a food pantry. If someone needs help applying for disability assistance or finding legal advice in New Jersey, they can talk to a case worker. They partner with workforce centers to help with career and job placement/training needs.

Location of Salvation Army in Ocean County

The Salvation Army’s main center in Toms River, New Jersey is located at 1738 Route 37 East. This is the phone number for someone who wants to intake information. There is a place where you can buy things cheaply as well as get help with things like money and housing.

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