Outreach United Resource Center programs.

Outreach United Resource Center helps low-income families in the Longmont region by providing them with short-term support. The non-profit will use any type of funds, self-sufficiency resources, and stabilization resources to help people in need. The agency can provide a lot of assistance.

The main priority is to help families with children who are living in poverty in the Longmont and Boulder County area. There may be some basic needs provided depending on the conditions, such as a place to stay, low income, housing rent, utilities, and even limited prescription medications. If a household has no children, they may still be able to get help depending on their situation.

This means that any assistance provided by OURC will be based on what resources are currently available. This means that if the agency is not able to help you with something, they will give you information about other agencies that might be able to help you.

The food pantry provides families with groceries, meals, and information on how to apply for SNAP food stamps. You can come to Outreach United Resource Center without an appointment, and we will also accept referrals from other non-profit organizations or intake caseworkers.

The Longmont area food pantry is stocked with donations and is also staffed and run by volunteers. The volunteers help clients with completing vouchers and making selections from the section of items. In addition to sorting and weighing food donations, these generous volunteers also often manage other aspects of food donations, such as marking out barcodes on boxes and stocking shelves for clients. The Atwood Street Intake Center in Longmont Colorado is giving away free vouchers.

An Emergency Shelter is available to families who have been newly evicted and are homeless. The program provides a one-night stay at a local motel for those in need. You will meet with a caseworker at the Resource Center to discuss why you are homeless.

In order to be considered eligible for shelter assistance, the non-profit’s clients requesting short-term lodging must be able to demonstrate that they have been residents of the greater Longmont Colorado area for at least one month.

Case managers and social workers connect homeless people with low income housing options or transitional housing resources. Help from OURC may include finding a place to stay temporarily or a list of low-income housing options in Boulder County.

Rental assistance is available for those in need, but it is only a one-time emergency basis. My agency needs to know where you live, who you are, how much money you make and what your family is like before we can decide if you can get any money from us. This program does not offer any assistance for fees related to landlord applications, credit checks, deposits, or late fees.

This assistance is for helping people pay their energy bills and to prevent them from being disconnected. Outreach United Resource Center only provides support on a one-time, emergency basis. Applicants must provide documentation to prove that they are experiencing financial hardship, such as ID information on income and expenses.

Our organization partners with counseling agencies, such as Intercambio Comunidades, to present a financial literacy course to clients. This session focuses on developing the skills needed to manage credit or money, increase income, pay down debts, open and manage bank accounts, and interpret financial information.

The Self-Sufficiency Classes offered by the company provide educational, practical, and inspirational support to help those who are either close to being homeless or are living on the streets or in a shelter. This support is also for people who are in the process of obtaining permanent housing and who are struggling to break the cycle of poverty. The Self-Sufficiency classes focus on creating a life plan with realistic and achievable goals, in order to prevent homelessness in the future.

There is help available for Boulder County residents who need dental work or prescription eyeglasses. This assistance is provided through partnerships with certified optometrists and medical providers. This means that anyone who wants to receive benefits from either service will first have to meet with a caseworker to be evaluated.

-If you qualify, emergency assistance or vouchers will be provided to help you pay for prescription medications, such as antibiotics prescribed by a doctor or items needed for a hospital stay. The program has similar income requirements as the others.

For those who have verifiable appointments for medical appointments or job interviews, free bus passes or tokens are available. This program also helps those who have been approved for transportation assistance to start a new job.

The Aspen Center for Child Development offers child care services. This location also has technology, science, engineering, and math (STEM) based educational programming in all classrooms and an early childhood educational program for children from six weeks to six years of age.

The STEM services offered by Outreach United Resource Center are designed to help children learn and succeed both in school and in their future careers. By leveraging a child’s natural curiosity, these services aim to foster lifelong proficiency and create a strong foundation for success.

The Outreach United Resource Center can be found at 303 Atwood St., Longmont, CO 80501. The telephone number for the center is 303-772-5529.

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