Assistance Program

Owsley, Lee, Wolfe, and Breathitt County assistance programs.

The Middle Kentucky Community Action Partnership, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families in the area. They provide services such as housing assistance, food assistance, and help with utility bills. The non-profit offers various assistance programs, some of which are listed below. If the agency can’t help you, the case manager can provide referrals or help you apply for public assistance.

There is a senior citizen center that has programs and resources for seniors and the elderly. The organization offers two types of meal assistance: congregate meals and home-delivered meals. They also offer nutrition education to help people learn about making healthy choices. There are many different health care options available, such as Medicare. It is important to learn about all of the different options so that you can make the best decision for your health care needs.

Other programs offered as part of the Title IIIB Social Service Program include: -Transportation -Recreation -Chore -Outreach -Advocacy -Education -Telephone reassurance -Friendly visiting -Health promotion -Public education This medical facility offers information and education on medical care, as well as prescription medication management. The state of Kentucky has programs in place to help seniors with a variety of needs. These programs can provide financial assistance, healthcare services, and other support to help seniors live independently and aging with dignity.

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program is a federal government-funded program offered in Owsley, Wolfe, and Breathitt Counties. Receive money from grants and other sources to help pay for rent and utility bills. The program is for people who have low income and meet program guidelines. The goal of the program is to prevent homelessness.

Middle Kentucky Community agency offers Head Start. This will help children get ready for school. The CACFP and USDA work together to provide healthy food options for children and adults. They also offer surplus commodities to those in need.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income families pay for home heating costs. You may be able to get help paying for utility bills if you are experiencing a financial crisis. You can apply for a subsidy from the government or assistance from a utility company. This is a project that is funded by the federal government.

The WIA program can help people in Lee County and middle Kentucky to find employment. Some self-directed job search activities include looking for job postings online, going to job fairs, and networking with people in your desired field. I want to participate in tests and assessments of skills, aptitudes, and interests. Case managers can help you learn how to look for a job. They can teach you how to use the internet and where to look for job postings. They can also give you advice on how to write a resume and how to interview for a job. Create a career plan that includes attending workshops on resume writing, marketing yourself to employers, and job interview tips. Also, develop a portfolio to showcase your skills and experience.

The free Weatherization program helps seniors and low-income people save money on their utility bills. It will also help them maintain adequate housing and a suitable living environment. Having a place to call home and live comfortably is important for everyone, and this program provides that for those who need it.

To reach Middle Kentucky Community Action Partnership, Inc. call (606) 666-2452. The primary location for this company is at 1137 Main Street, Suite 106, Jackson, KY 41339.

This organization provides monthly groceries to those in need. This can include purchased or donated food items that are part of the USDA’s The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). To see if you qualify for TEFAP assistance, please call. The center manages the CSFP Commodity Supplemental Food Program. This is a service provided to adults over the age of 60, as well as to their spouses and/or immediate family members. There are food programs available in Kentucky that can help residents get access to healthy food options. These programs can provide assistance with food insecurity and can help people to get the food they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the emergency assistance/services offered may include free food, clothing, and other items if available. Some financial aid may be provided by Helping Hands Christian Resources, though this is rare. To make a reservation, please call 693-0605.

There is a place called the Family Resource Center that helps low income families in Wolfe County. This organization provides assistance to families in the Rogers Elementary and Campton Elementary school districts. The main goal of the non-profit centers is to help students and families succeed in school by providing assistance with some of their basic needs. The agency can provide lots of activities for students from low income families as well as parents. This will help them to improve their situation and get ahead in life. The center staff is dedicated to providing students and children with high quality educational programs and services.

DBCAA is an organization that helps people in a specific region. This means that there are only a few places in Wolfe, Osley and Lee County where you can get help. Low income families may need assistance with things like affordable day care or rent payments from emergency solutions grants. Many people are requesting weatherization services to save money on their utility bills. is a poverty-fighting organization with over 60 years experience helping low-income Kentuckians build better lives for themselves and their families. Daniel Boone Community Action is an organization that has been helping low-income Kentuckians for over 60 years. They help people build better lives for themselves and their families.

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