Philadelphia Impact Fund from United Way.

The majority of the resources from the Impact Fund come from referrals. The amount of money that they can give out is also usually determined by the United Way and their partner organizations. Staff and case managers from the Impact Fund and local organizations work together with people who are struggling to try to help them overcome their crisis and get longer term support.

The program is accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. The Impact Fund works to connect people in Philadelphia County with resources, non-profits, charities, and services that can help them. Some examples of social services and emergency assistance that are available in this area include help with utility bills from LIHEAP, employment applications, rent assistance, housing referrals, financial management, PACE, and mortgage foreclosure counseling.

This group is the local United Way, which organizes these services in the county. So another key focus is on being able to take care of oneself and speaking up for oneself. Staff and case managers work with individuals who are low income or live in poverty. They want clients to feel confident and capable of making positive changes in their lives and in the communities where they live. The Impact Fund’s referral office will provide referrals to qualified people. This allows them to obtain the necessary abilities, assistance, and materials to address matters that are crucial to them.

Organizations need partners to help them achieve their goals. The United Way partners with many different types of organizations, groups, and individuals in order to help support and improve communities. They offer a variety of programs to clients together.

The Impact Fund and the United Way provide referrals to LIHEAP applications for families in need. LIHEAP is a program that helps families pay for their energy bills. This is the main state of Pennsylvania and federal resource for paying for winter heating costs.

They also offer resources from utility companies. The Philadelphia Gas Works Customer Responsibility Program (CRP) may help customers who are struggling to pay their gas bills. The program provides assistance with bill payments, budget counseling, and energy efficiency services. Customers who participate in the program may also be eligible for gas service discounts. There are other options for assistance in Philadelphia, such as the Customer Assistance Program from PECO, IRA tax preparation, Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and the Property Tax/Rent Rebate. Referring people to services that can help them is an important part of what we do. This website provides links to resources for emergency rental assistance, furniture, free food and clothing. For information on services in the city or county, call the United Way at 211.

The United Way Impact Fund provides information on many other resources. There is help available for disabled and homebound people, including having meals delivered and assistance with applying for Social Security Income (SSI). There is also help available for children from low-income families, such as Head Start programs or child care vouchers. Some of the resources are listed below.

The Impact Fund will not give Philadelphia County residents any money directly. They will not be given money, but they will be given referrals to charities that may have grants or provide basic needs. The person will need to submit an application to the agency.

The WorkWise program provides job training and support to people who are struggling to find work. The program helps people overcome barriers to employment and provides them with the skills they need to find and keep a job. The Impact Fund from the United Way has information on One Stop Job Centers in Philadelphia. Each of the city, county, and state governments want to help their citizens be ready for employment opportunities.

WorkWise provides a work-ready resource for those who qualify. The program helps customers develop the resources and skills they need to enter or return to the workforce. The main objective is to find employment for customers through work activities.

The customers of any job placement program can expect to receive training in basic soft skills, computer skills, and customer service, as well as skill assessments, aptitude testing, and barrier remediation assistance. WorkWise also offers extra workshops and classes to help prepare customers for the world of work.

The various employment assistance programs offer case management and teaching services to help customers on an individual basis. They work to help people who have employment barriers and to give them resources to help them be more independent. Case managers work with customers to figure out what transportation allowances, child-care and other temporary financial assistance they might be eligible for from the County Assistance Office (CAO).

The United Way and its partners help clients prepare for employment by finding and connecting them with opportunities like unpaid internships and jobs. They are good at finding the right job for the right person. For more information on job training resources in the area, call 211.

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