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Pinal County St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Casa Grande, Arizona also provides assistance to residents of Pinal County. The faith based charity provides assistance to those who are struggling financially, including the poor, immigrants (both documented and undocumented), and other less fortunate individuals. One stop for all your needs, from emergency financial help for bills to food, clothes, referrals, and the ability to shop at a thrift store.

There is help from SVDP across Pinal County. The thrift store is open to anyone. If you need financial help, there are some options available to you. In a crisis, you may be able to get help with medical bills, rent, utilities, or other emergency expenses. There are places where homeless people can go to get a hot meal and food.

Thrift store, vouchers, and free stuff

Low income families have a lot of bills and they can’t afford to pay for all of them. Paying for everyday items like clothes and household supplies can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much money. One way that Saint Vincent de Paul in Pinal County can help is by providing food and clothing to those in need. The three main resources for people in need are the free clothing closet, furniture bank, and thrift store. Both donations and volunteers are essential to keeping the organization running.

The Casa Grande thrift store offers used goods at a lower price than other stores. This means that the client still owes money for the services provided. The clothes closet and furniture bank may have some free items.

In order to get free stuff or items, the client usually has to have some sort of crisis situation, such as losing their job or a fire in their home. Saint Vincent de Paul in Pinal County may offer free stuff to those who are sick, new low income or single moms, and others. You can find all sorts of clothes and furniture for your home, school, and work life.

Financial aid and food from Pinal County St. Vincent de Paul

The Pinal County St. Vincent de Paul office provides financial assistance and free food to people in need. Clients can call the office, walk in, or be referred by another charity. The funds are normally used to help with rent and utility bills. There are also free food pantries for groceries and soup kitchens, as well as other hunger prevention programs.

This emergency program offers assistance to people who may have their utilities disconnected or be evicted due to a crisis. There is some support available for people who can’t afford healthcare, including free vouchers for medications and money to pay for emergency healthcare in Arizona. Other medical needs may also be covered. This service is only available to a few families that meet the necessary requirements. This means that SVDP must have some funds available to pay out.

The rent and energy bill assistance is for residents of Pinal County with children or single mothers. If you are an adult working and have an unexpected crisis, you may also be supported. Along with participating in the Family Services’ program, clients will be expected to attend budgeting, financial literacy, and other similar classes on a regular basis. A client may be referred for case management or for some financial aid programs via email. The client may then complete the required information and return it via email or in person.

The main goal of SVDP Pinal County is to provide medical assistance, help prevent hunger, and prevent homelessness. Spanish speakers and immigrants/migrant workers can also get help from these resources. The charity provides assistance to people without regard to age, religion, race, ethnicity, or immigration status, as long as there are resources available and the applicant meets the qualifications. There are other homeless prevention services in Pinal County.

Apply to Pinal County SVDP

Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are available to help pay for college, as well as assistance in finding affordable clothing and other necessities at thrift stores. There are many people who offer support to those in need, including social workers, case managers, and volunteers. This support can come in many forms, from providing practical assistance to offering emotional support. The address is 405 E 2nd St, Casa Grande, AZ, 85122. Call the number (520) 836-2009

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