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Polk County Florida St. Vincent DePaul assistance programs.

The St. Vincent Depaul is grateful for its longstanding partnerships with various local charities that assist in its operation of a local Food Pantry. This has been available since its establishment. Many low-income clients have been referred by the staff to the pantry, which is a place where people with low incomes can choose their own food, like in a grocery store. This allows clients to choose the foods they want, without worrying about being judged. This means they can pick out canned items, such as soup or fruits, that their family needs. The Polk County pantry only has food that is available to people who need it.

Volunteers from different parts of Polk County help to staff the St. Vincent Pantry, making sure that residents who need it have access to free or low cost food every two weeks or once a month. The Pantry is open every weekday, and also offers holiday meal services. These may be special items for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or other key holidays such as Easter. If a client needs long term support, the volunteers will help them apply for state of Florida benefits, such as SNAP food stamps.

Additional social services from Saint Vincent in Polk County

You will need to go through an intake process to be eligible for rental, mortgage, or utility bill assistance. Some of the application criteria for Saint Vincent include, but are not limited to, the following.

The applicant must show that they will not be evicted if they receive financial aid. To be eligible for this program, individuals must reside in Polk County. The applicant must have no other options or sources of funding, whether from a charity or family member. This means that you can only get money for your housing expenses if you have a job or some other source of income. The church will prioritize helping those who are elderly, disabled, or have low to moderate incomes and children.

If all the requirements are met and there is money available, St. Vincent may give a small amount of money to help pay for bills. The Ministry may cover the cost of renting or using utilities, such as electricity or water. This form of financial aid is contingent on many factors.

The church has information about medical and dental clinics in Polk County. These services help low-income and/or homeless individuals in Lakeland, Florida and nearby towns. Saint Vincent can help you find places to get basic medical or dental care. I volunteer as a nurse-practitioner at the emergency shelter a few mornings per week.

There is another nurse-practitioner or volunteer doctor who helps with the services offered at the center and also comes along with the outreach team to do medical assessments. They will provide assistance to homeless people who are unwilling to use formal services. A local dentist in Polk County, Florida provides care for those who would not otherwise have access to dental care.

The Saint Vincent DePaul Society helps people with everyday tasks as part of their Home Care program. This service will help people who are unable to care for themselves to stay in their own homes. Respite is a type of service that can provide a brief break for family caregivers. Homemaking helps with managing the household, including laundry, light cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and dishwashing. This includes maintaining hygiene, preparing meals, and providing other basic needs. Providing care that helps with someone’s personal hygiene, feeding them, and other daily tasks that are needed is called personal care. The last category of home care includes tasks such as grocery shopping, deep cleaning, yard work, appointments, errands, and simple repairs.

Individual, couple, and family counseling are all available options. This program provides services that are based in schools. The non-profit agency provides services that can help clients increase their understanding of child development, improve their parenting skills, and help people of all ages develop better self-esteem. The Saint Vincent Ministry may also improve communication skills and enhance the overall quality of life for people.

The St. Vincent DePaul Society helps families or individuals in need in Polk County by providing them with different types of assistance. The services may help with rent and utilities, and this form of help is for families and individuals during time of crisis or financial hardship. The Saint Vincent church has connections to other agencies or charities that can provide services. They can direct you to resources from the county, state, and federal government.

To speak with someone at the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Lakeland, Florida, call (863) 644-7469.

To find out how to contact the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Haines City and Winter Haven, call the numbers provided.

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