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Portage County assistance programs.

There are a number of organizations that offer financial assistance to low income families. These include churches, charities, government agencies, and non-profits. There are many resources available to help with rent, utility bills, groceries, and even medical and dental care in Portage County. If you need help with transportation, mortgage or foreclosure assistance, job training, or other support, there are organizations that can help you.

Find organizations and ways to get help for expenses and bills

If you’re struggling to pay your heating bills, Energy Services Inc. may be able to help. They are responsible for the energy assistance program for residents of Portage County and 16 other Wisconsin counties. Last year, over $1.3 million was given out in emergency energy bill assistance in Portage County. The amount of money given out is expected to increase this upcoming year. The deadline to apply for the energy assistance program is May 15. The money will be given out once and will be about $375 on average per household.

This means that more people than ever before will be eligible for assistance. Call Contact Energy services at 715-344-5999 to find out more about how to apply for aid.

Portage County Community Action Agency

CAP Services, Inc. is the Portage County Community Action Agency. The store is located at 5499 Highway 10 East, Stevens Point, WI 54482, and the phone number is 715.343.7500. They offer programs that train people for jobs and help save energy.

The CAP agency Weatherization program was created in 1975 and has since helped over 9,000 homes with weatherization and rehabilitation. The upgrades have saved people who earn low and moderate incomes more than $2 million a year in energy costs and on their heating bills. 300 homes were weatherized last year and the pace of improvements is scheduled to increase.

Homeowners can save energy by installing insulation in their attic, crawl space, and walls; sealing air leaks in their home; and installing low-flow showerheads and energy-efficient light bulbs. Available funding and projected energy savings may allow for the replacement of freezers, furnaces, and refrigerators.

CAP Services, Inc. is a organization that helps with getting a job and employment training. This program provides opportunities for people who may not have the means to further their education or upgrade their skills. By doing so, they can improve their employment prospects and earn a better wage. The program will help them pay for their tuition, books, child care costs, and transportation related to training and new jobs. The job training program has been successful because it has helped graduates increase their annual earned income by an average of over $10,000 since 1991.

There may be some financial aid available from CAP Services or its partners, but it is limited. The Stevens Point agency can help clients find emergency grants to help with heating bills (as part of WHEAP), rental expenses, or food pantries. If someone needs help, it means they are not able to do something by themselves. They may be facing a one time crisis.

The case managers at the housing support center work to keep people from becoming homeless or help them get back on their feet if they have already become homeless. Some organizations can help people experiencing homelessness by connecting them to shelters or programs that can provide financial assistance, like security deposit programs. These organizations can also provide case management services to help address the underlying causes of the person’s homelessness. The Wisconsin government offers section 8 housing vouchers to families in need of permanent housing. This voucher can help cover part or all of the family’s monthly rent payment.

There are many other tools and programs available. Some of them are privately funded, and others rely on state of federal funds, even include CSBG. The CAP Services assistance programs provide help to those who need it. It is a great resource for people who are struggling to make ends meet. The programs offer a variety of services, including food assistance, rent assistance, and utility assistance.

Stevens Point Saint Vincent de Paul helps hundreds of families per year by operating a thrift store and food pantry. There are also groceries, holiday food baskets, and referrals to financial aid. This faith-based charity also provides job placement to individuals with referrals. The address is 2124 Rice St in Stevens Point Wisconsin 54482. The phone number is 715-344-7395. I There’s no need to worry about making mistakes when you’re learning something new. Everyone makes mistakes when they’re starting out, and it’s part of the learning process. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and keep trying new things.

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