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Public assistance in Guilford County.

There are programs in Guilford County that can help families with things like food and housing. The government provides a variety of services and resources for people who are struggling financially or have an emergency. Some programs are funded by the federal government, some by North Carolina, and Guilford County itself may provide public assistance as needed. This means that if you need help with something, there are programs that can assist you financially. If you need help with food, medical bills, child care, or emergency cash assistance, there are programs that can help you.

The county provides day care and child care services and assistance to guardians and parents. This will enable parents to take part in a job or educational program that will help them get a job or keep a job, or it can provide child care to families who may not be able to afford it otherwise. To make a reservation, please call High Point 845-7771 or Greensboro 641-3715.

The Guilford County and Greensboro Emergency Assistance Program can help people who are struggling financially. This service is for people who have a low income and no other resources. The county government can provide cash assistance to qualified low income families to help them with an immediate problem. If someone is going to be evicted, they may be able to get help with finding a place to stay. Other assistance, like government assistance, can help pay for utilities or food. If you need to contact the Greensboro office, dial 641-2517 or 641-2518. High Point residents should call 845-7756.

Crisis Intervention is a part of the Guilford County Emergency Assistance program that provides help for people in crisis situations. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income households with their energy bills. The program provides financial assistance to help families pay their heating and cooling bills. What it does is provide temporary cash assistance to qualified Guilford County residents. This is a last resort for people who have used any available aid from local non-profits or federal or North Carolina government assistance. This means that it can only be helpful when other resources are not available.

Emergency assistance can also help with things like rent or utility bills for up to a month, even water bills. You will only receive up to $300 if you meet all of the qualifications.

This program provides financial assistance for families who cannot afford to pay for their children’s healthcare. The public health care service can help people with medical bills that are related to doctor or hospital visits. This service can also help with the cost of prescription drugs. Guilford County offers additional financial assistance to help pay for prescription drug medications for pregnant women, children under age 20, and adults up to age 20. The medical program provides health care services such as doctor/dentist visits, hospital care, vision and eye care, transportation to health care, group home placement, mental health care, and prescription drug co-pays. If you live in High Point, call 845-7771. If you live in Greensboro, call 641-3000.

The federal government provides food assistance through programs like SNAP food stamps, which help low income individuals or families buy food. Guilford county offers a monthly food voucher and government benefits to low income families so they can get food for free. If you need help with your EBT card, call 1-888-622-7328.

The Work First program provides cash and other forms of public assistance to eligible individuals and families. The Family Assistance component helps families with the cost of living, while the Employment Services component helps people find and keep a job.

The Family Assistance program provides a monthly cash payment to help families pay for basic needs. This program will help families who are struggling to pay for medical bills. The amount of money given to a family each month through Guilford County Work First is based on how many people are in the family as well as the amount of money they have coming in from both earned and unearned sources.

Apply for public assistance and government aid in Guilford County

Employment Services can help you find a job. A social worker will help you create a plan to improve your job skills and find employment. The goal is to help people become self-sufficient and not have to rely on government assistance. A Mutual Responsibility contract must be agreed to and signed by every family in order to participate. The contract binds the participant to 35 to 40 hours of job search, employment, job readiness classes, or work experience. To reach Greensboro or High Point in North Carolina, please call 641-7771.

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