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Public assistance programs in Philadelphia.

The federal government and the Department of Human Services offer financial support and job programs in Philadelphia County. The government provides most of its aid to families with children, and can give them short-term support while working with them on longer-term job programs and self-sufficiency. Some of the main programs offered by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services are listed below.

The government offers a program called Medicaid which helps with medical bills. This pays for health care and dental services for those who qualify. Some of the things that can be covered and paid for by this program include mental health and behavioral health services, dental services, a special pharmaceutical benefits program, Medicare Part D drug coverage information, family planning services, and healthy beginnings for pregnant women. This is the main public health insurance program for the federal government and county of Philadelphia.

Applying for heating assistance from LIHEAP during the winter months. The Philadelphia Heating Assistance Program provides financial assistance to low-income families and seniors to help them pay their heating bills. You should also apply for weatherization at the same time.

There are many programs that the government and public offer to help people who are homeless. Some things that can be paid for with this money are noted below.

Rental assistance and eviction prevention is offered for those who are at risk of being evicted. The Philadelphia county may be able to help people who qualify with their monthly rent, mortgage, utilities, and/or safety deposit. The county will also work with your landlord to find a solution. If the apartment is too expensive, they will help you look for a cheaper place to live in the same area or nearby.

The Bridge Housing program can help those who are homeless or facing eviction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania find permanent housing. This public housing service will provide people with a shared facility or apartment for up to 18 months. An additional fee may be required for your rent, but you may still be eligible for case management and housing counseling services.

Case management, guidance, and support can help individuals identify the reasons they became homeless and provide them with the tools and resources they need to prevent it from happening in the future. Some of the case management services that are available include helping with budgeting, referring to drug and alcohol services, teaching life skills, preparing for a job, and managing a home. The state wants to ensure that people who become homeless are not stuck in that situation permanently.

There are a number of public shelters located throughout Philadelphia County. This program provides temporary housing for people who do not have an apartment or house to live in. It is available for a limited time to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Cash assistance is offered to those who have a low income or cannot work because of a disability. The federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is the main resource for families in need. The DHS office in Philadelphia can help you with money for bills and other basic needs if your dependent children are needy and you can’t afford to support them financially.

The Philadelphia Department of Human Services provides aid for funeral, burial, and cremation services. Aid is available to people who qualify.

The SNAP/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides food assistance to people in need. Benefits and vouchers help low-income households in Philadelphia pay for healthier diets by increasing their spending power.

Other county services offered include: -Diversion Program -Refugee Cash Assistance -Health Care/Medical Assistance -Family Planning -Long Term Care -Legal Services -Assistance for Persons with Disabilities -Mental Health Care

Applying for public and government aid in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia County Assistance Office is responsible for administering financial assistance, cash assistance, welfare, and public assistance programs. The headquarters of the company is located at 801 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. You can call 215-560-3283 to get more information.

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