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Pueblo County, southern and western Colorado Catholic Charities assistance.

Pueblo Colorado Catholic Charities is an organization that helps several counties. The organization will try to help people who are struggling and don’t have a lot of money. If you need help from the government agency, they may be able to give you some assistance directly. However, most of the time they will just give you referrals and information to non-profit organizations and other government agencies.

The Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pueblo can help immigrants. If you are an immigrant or refugee, you may be able to get help from a specialist or case manager. They can help with issues that relate to family law. The services offered are varied and cover a lot of ground. Clients can get help with getting green cards or citizenship certificates. If you are an immigrant and you are a victim of domestic violence, there are people who can help you. Learn about programs that provide training and employment opportunities in specific regions. The resources provided have been checked and approved by the federal government.

The Payee Program and Long Term Credit Counseling is offered by a non-profit organization and is done using highly trained counselors. You will work with a counselor to set up a budget. This company also provides a type of debt management plan in which customers make monthly payments to creditors through the company. Some of the clients of Catholic Charities credit counseling are referred to the Payeeship Program by Social Security. Many old people also sign up for this service. The agency has also been appointed by the local Court of Pueblo as a Conservator and Income Trust Trustee. Catholic Charity provides free or low cost credit counseling and debt reduction services to hundreds of clients. These services can help clients get out of debt, improve their credit score, and save money.

There are places where you can get free or cheap housing, as well as places where you can get help if you’re struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments. The organization will offer excellent housing counseling services. This can include things like taking classes on how to buy a home, preventing foreclosure, modifying your mortgage, getting general counseling, and making a plan to not pay for a period of time. The agency wants to help people keep their homes. The agency is running a program called the Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing Program, which is for low income people and people facing eviction in southern Colorado. However, the program is only funded until a certain point, and after that it may no longer be available.

There may be some financial assistance available, but it is limited. Catholic Charities receives money from the government and other organizations like the United Way. Money can also be used to buy food, clothes and other necessary items. In some cases, money can be used to pay for medical bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, only a small number of applicants are able to be supported by cash assistance programs due to high demand. The program does cover a wide range of territory, including Pueblo, Otero and Crowley Counties.

Because of certain program restrictions, we can only provide financial assistance through partnering with other government agencies and non-profit organizations, such as Energy Outreach Colorado, Pueblo County Department of Housing Human Services, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Christ the King, and Shrine of St. Therese.

A program called Bright Beginnings Southern Colorado can help infants and their mothers. The website provides parents with free information and support in English and Spanish. A total of 10 counties in Colorado offer clothing, advice, formula, and other resources for families in need.

La Familia Fuerte/Strong Families helps parents get their children ready for school and teaches them how to be healthy parents. It uses a home visitation service every two weeks that is based on the Parents As Teachers model. The child development program is offered in Pueblo and Crowley Counties in Colorado. The Losos Prize for Excellence is given to the parent organization that is most effective in using the Parents as Teachers model.

8th Street. There are several churches and Catholic Charity centers in the area, but the main Pueblo Center is at 429 W. 8th Street. This is an address in Pueblo, Colorado. To reach someone by phone, dial 719.544.4233.

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