Raleigh and Wake County transitional housing and homeless shelters.

Families in Wake County who are facing eviction or who are homeless can get help from shelters and emergency housing programs. The programs can provide a temporary place to live, affordable housing, and other types of support. These programs in the Raleigh area can help prevent homelessness in the future by providing services such as job training and budgeting.

The housing resources will also provide other types of support such as food and basic needs like clothing. Some non-profits or groups may have money to help pay for things like a security deposit or the first month’s rent. If possible, this will be for people who are about to be evicted or those who are trying to move into a new home. Although financial support is not as common,

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to stay in a homeless shelter or transitional housing program in Wake County, North Carolina. They may focus on helping veterans, single parents, or the homeless. Most centers and non-profits will have referrals and information. They can also suggest government resources like low income vouchers and subsidized housing units.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina. The mission provides food, clothing, and shelter to homeless people in the area. The mission also offers services such as job training and placement, counseling, and substance abuse treatment.

The Under One Roof program provides emergency housing and financial assistance to qualified low-income families in Raleigh, North Carolina. The food pantry, support groups, crisis counseling, and referrals to local case management programs are all administered by this organization. We work with non-profit organizations such as Triangle Family Services to help support their causes.

Services provided include a 24-hour crisis hotline, safe shelter, advocacy, and counseling. They also offer a Transitional Living Program to help families become self-sufficient. The center is located at 805 Worth Hinton Road in Zebulon, NC. To reach the center, please call (919) 889-3967. Assistance with legal matters is also available.

The Women’s Center of Wake County provides a safe place for women and parents to stay temporarily, free of charge. They also offer many other services to help low income individuals get back on their feet.

The Flynn Christian Fellowship Houses of Hickory is a half-way house for people in need. The main address is 706 Main Avenue SE in Hickory, North Carolina. The phone number is (828) 324-8767.

This organization provides transitional housing services for mothers and ex-offenders. The program is designed to help low-income families obtain housing and employment. The case management provided includes helping the person to repair their credit, budget their money, save money, reduce their debt, and find permanent housing.

The Helen Wright Center for Women provides emergency shelter and transitional housing for women in Raleigh, NC. Dial (919) 833-1748 for more information. In addition to making referrals for necessary services, we also help with low income government housing, employment, section 8 vouchers, and substance abuse treatment.

The address of Matthew House is 712 West Johnson Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603. The telephone number is (919) 834-0666. They offer support services and transitional housing for homeless families. The assistance includes help with budgeting, repairing credit, and finding and paying rent for a new home or apartment in Wake County.

The Preparation for Independent Living Program provides housing assistance and a residential program for homeless youth and teenagers. This program is located at 600 West Cabarrus Street in Raleigh, North Carolina, and can be reached at (919) 833-3312.

Haven House Services is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based organization that provides assistance to youth and their families. The main phone number for Haven House Services is (919) 833-3312. A number of services are offered. This means that people who are struggling to get by will have a place to stay, something to eat, and a way to get to doctor’s appointments – all of which are crucial for maintaining good health. They also have a center where they help low-income and working poor people. Also, get referrals from others. This company provides services to all of Wake County and the surrounding areas, including Durham and Orange.

The Salvation Army Shelter for Women and Children is a leading non-profit that offers emergency shelter, social services, case management and other care for women with children experiencing homelessness. The main phone number for the shelter is (919) 834-6733. The program offers free meals, parenting classes, laundry facilities, toiletries, nutrition classes, and more. Some organizations may offer financial assistance to help with the cost of a security deposit or first month’s rent.

This is the address for Southern Wake Faith Community in Action, which is located in Fuquay Varina, NC. This organization covers Willow Spring, Angier, and nearby areas. Shelter, food, water, and other necessities are provided.

StepOUT Transitional Housing is a place where people can stay who are in between homes. The address is 1701 Oberlin Road Raleigh, North Carolina 27608. The telephone number is (919) 781-0156.

This resource offers low income housing and counseling services to people who are transitioning. If you are a working family in Wake County with dependent children and you are homeless or facing eviction, you may be eligible for assistance. The non-profit can help families improve their living conditions and offer other housing support. The other location for the food bank is at 712 West Johnson Street in Raleigh, NC. The phone number for intake is (919) 834-0666.

Cary Transitional Housing Program is located at 491 James Jackson Avenue, Cary, NC 27513. For support, call (919) 462-1800.

This organization provides a variety of services to help families in need. These services include counseling, financial assistance, and more. If you are in need of assistance, please contact them. This key provides financial assistance to eligible low-income households who are unable to pay their rent and are in danger of becoming homeless. This can help prevent homelessness by providing emergency financial assistance and cash grants. Other services offered include help with budgeting and managing one’s case. This program is for people who are about to be kicked out of their homes or apartments. If you are a Wake County resident who is currently homeless and needing help with paying your first month’s rent, there is additional assistance available.

The main location of the Wrenn House organization is at 908 W Morgan St in Raleigh, NC. They can be reached at (919) 832-7866.

The agency provides housing for women who are in transition or who have an emergency. Sign up for self-sufficiency services to help find a stable home. In addition to housing, food, medications, and job training are also offered.

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