Ramsey County community clinics.

There are a number of places in Ramsey County, Minnesota where families can get help with their medical and dental bills. This means that many of the centers are able to provide services and programs that meet certain standards and are approved by the government. Free or low-cost health care services are available for people who do not have health insurance or who are low income. Patients can pay a certain amount towards their bills based on their income and resources. The top clinics in St. Paul are:

The Ramsey clinics provide a variety of services, including basic checkups for people who are feeling well. If a patient is sick, they will be offered some treatment for their condition. This includes prenatal care, as well as checkups and immunizations for children. Specialty services are those that go beyond the scope of general care and are specific to certain conditions or diseases. These can include dental care, prescription medications, mental health care, and substance abuse care.

The center can help by referring you to specialists or other centers when needed. This means that the services offered by the organization include those that help prevent health issues, those that provide assistance during a health crisis, those that help care for the skin and wounds, and those that deal with infection treatment.

Open Cities clinics are listed below, and there are multiple centers. Open Cities has many clinics located across the city. The health services they offer include basic health care, such as health checks and screenings, as well as care for diabetes and other conditions. This clinic provides services for children and pregnant women, including family planning and pregnancy testing, prenatal / delivery care and immunizations. Open Cities clinics offer a variety of services, including nutrition services, Obstetrics and Gynecology, senior health care, and laboratory and x-ray facilities. The primary health care centers are located in underserved Ramsey County communities and provide medical services for vulnerable populations.

The Open Cities Health Center is a federally qualified health center that provides care to patients in the community. The center is located at 135 Manitoba Ave in St. Paul, MN, and the primary phone number is (651) 489-8021.

Open Cities Health Center is a community health center located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Services offered include primary and preventive care, behavioral health, dental care, and social services. The health center also offers health education and outreach programs.

St. Mary’s Health Clinics offer medical care to those who may not have the means to pay or lack health insurance. The clinics offer free medical or dental care to anyone who meets the St. Mary’s Health Clinic program eligibility guidelines and who either doesn’t have health insurance or is under-insured.

This clinic provides care for low income people, seniors, and people who are at risk. They offer a variety of services to help these groups of people.

The United Family Medicine Community Clinic is a medical facility located at 1026 7th St. W in St. Paul, MN. The Clinic provides a variety of medical services to the public and can be reached by phone at (651) 241-1000.

West Side Community Health Services is a community clinic located at Ramsey County Family Service Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Dorothy Day Clinic is a medical facility located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The clinic provides healthcare services to the local community.

The East Side Family Clinic is located on Arcade Street in St. Paul, Minnesota. The clinic provides medical care for families and offers a variety of services. To make an appointment, please call (651) 772-9799.

This clinic is open to help people with dental needs. It is located on the west side of St. Paul, Minnesota. Call (651) 224-7561 for hours or intake.

West Side Community Health Services is a healthcare provider located at 153 Cesar Chavez St. in St. Paul, MN. The organization can be contacted by phone at (651) 222-1816.

The Union Gospel Mission clinic is a medical facility located at 435 University Ave in St. Paul, Minnesota. The clinic provides healthcare services to individuals in need, and also offers free or low-cost medical care to patients.

West Side Dental Clinic is a low-cost dental care provider that offers a variety of services such as cleaning, extractions, and much more.

The McDonough Homes clinic is located at 1544 Timberlake Rd in St. Paul, MN. The clinic can be reached by phone at (651) 602-7545.

The Health Care for the Homeless Office in St. Paul, Minnesota provides free health and dental care for homeless men, women and children at Ramsey County shelters and drop-in centers.

The clinic at Dorothy Day center provides health and medical care services to homeless men, women and children in Ramsey County. They also coordinate shelters and drop-in centers. A group of mental health, medical, and social service providers staff clinics at different drop-in centers and homeless shelters.

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