Assistance Program

Randolph County and Asheboro NC Salvation Army assistance programs.

When you need a place to stay, food, or basic supplies, the Salvation Army in Randolph County may be able to help you. There are also funds to help with expenses, including electric or rent. This charity provides social services and case management, using a “hand-up” approach to help clients. The Christian church based group in Asheboro helps people who are struggling with hunger, homelessness, and finances by giving out free Christmas toys and other assistance.

All resources, including money, are limited. This means that people may not be able to afford prescription drugs, rent, or energy bills. In order to complete the task, the following may be required. Be sure to bring proof that you live there, a picture ID for the head of the household, Birth Certificates and copies of all Social Security Cards for children and adults, and proof of how much money you make. Also bring details on public aid from the state of North Carolina, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash grants.

Housing solutions

The Salvation Army in the Randolph County region provides assistance with emergency shelter, motel voucher programs, and also transitional housing. There are places where people who want to apply for SSVF can go depending on who they are. There are centers specifically for men, women, children, and even veterans. It provides a place for people to stay while they search for new or better employment and improve their circumstances.

Some organizations may offer financial assistance. There may be some additional funds available for any rent payments made in advance or for deposits, including utilities or security. This means that there is a limit to it. Any assistance with rent or energy bills is a one-time only thing, and is only for a crisis situation. Some families may not have enough money to pay their utility bills.

Randolph County Salvation Army basic needs

We all need the basics in life like food, clothing, and a place to sleep. The Salvation Army in Asheboro helps people in need in several ways. Some solutions to help those in need are a free food pantry, low cost thrift store for furniture, and a clothing bank.

The supplies that were passed out (or sold at a discount) may have included canned fruit or vegetables, clothing for work, soap, laundry detergent, rice, pasta, canned meats, and baking goods. This refers to a system where food and other goods are combined. The pantry may also have free breakfast cereal, food boxes at the holidays, frozen meals, and more. This is a great place to get food if you need it.

Social services and case management

The primary objective is to end the client’s cycle of poverty and/or homelessness. If the client is living an unhealthy lifestyle in terms of their financial situation and savings, this will be addressed as well.

The volunteers and case managers at the Salvation Army in Randolph County, North Carolina provide support by listening and being understanding. Without the help of parents, credit counseling agencies, and volunteers, the Salvation Army would not be able to help those in need. The North Carolina state government provides assistance to its citizens in the form of SNAP food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers, disability benefits, and other public aid programs. The charity appreciates any ability to give back. Where can I find information on public assistance programs for bills in North Carolina?

Financial help for the vulnerable in Randolph County from the Salvation Army

Some residents have needs that surpass the norm. Losing your job or having your income reduced can be very difficult. It can be hard to make ends meet and you may have to make some difficult choices. They help those who are struggling or in need, whether it be due to a disaster or simply because they are elderly or low income. They support single women and families, giving them the assistance they need to get by. The various assistance programs help vulnerable people by bringing them together. Some volunteers visit people who are living in nursing homes or other care facilities.

This approach allows clients to join the community. The Salvation Army can help connect people in need with various social services that may be able to help them. Some of the programs available are as follows.

Disaster help: Angel Tree and Toys for Tots provide free Christmas gifts or meals to families in need. Thanksgiving turkey meals are also available for free or at a low cost. Back to School: Free Back to School supplies or clothes are available for families in need. Family Store: The Family Store in Randolph County offers low-cost items for sale. Field trips and recreational activities: Field trips and recreational activities are available for the elderly and lonely. Addiction Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation services are available for those struggling with addiction.

Applying for Asheboro Salvation Army assistance programs

The Salvation Army in Asheboro provides guidance through its social service office. The students will learn the requirements for the application and see if they meet the qualifications for the aid. After this initial visit, additional appointments will be scheduled as needed. These are only some of the resources available. To get more information, call (336) 625-0551 or go to 345 N Church St Asheboro, NC 27203.

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