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Receive free fans from the Salvation Army in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric will provide a limited number of fans to the Salvation Army and other non-profits in the community most years. The items are given to people who are poor and old in Oklahoma City so they can have a better summer.

In the past, OG&E has given dozens of fans to the Salvation Army in Fort Smith, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding counties. The Salvation Army is a non-profit organisation that helps people in need by providing them with food, clothing and other necessities. A priority for low income families with children, disabled, elderly, and seniors is essential. People who can’t stay cool in the summer are more likely to have medical problems, so they get help first.

The Salvation Army will give out fans for free to Senior Citizens who are 65 years old or older. If there are any extra units, they are given to others in the community. Market Street If you are struggling to keep cool, come to The Salvation Army corps center at 301 N. Market Street. Sixth in Fort Smith. Call (405) 246-1060. To find more Oklahoma Salvation Army Centers, go to the Salvation Army website and search for Centers in Oklahoma.

The Salvation Army rarely has funds for paying air conditioning or cooling bills for people who need financial assistance. We don’t have a lot of money to spend. If someone does not have money for things like heat or electricity, often times the government can help by providing things like financial assistance. This program may be able to provide cash to Oklahoma City families who have low incomes for their cooling bills. This utility assistance from OG&E provides help with energy bills for those who need it.

Many of the resources are supported by the local community through donations and contributions from businesses and private individuals. The Salvation Army is also accepting donations to help those in need. They are willing to either accept new or gently used fans, or money that would go towards the purchase of new air conditioners or fans. All of these items can be given to or sent by mail to the main office. If you donate items, you will be able to lower your taxes because the donation will be counted as a deduction. You will receive a document that says you made the donation, which you can use when you do your taxes. In addition, members will be recognized with a special Salvation Army Fan Club decal. For more information please call the number 479-783-6145

The Social Service office in Oklahoma City may be able to provide assistance with cooling bills and fans. Elderly and low-income residents who need help staying cool in the summer can apply for a free fan from social services. To speak to someone at our company, please call (405) 521-3646.

To get a government-sponsored fan, applicants will need to go to The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma at 501 S Harvey with the right paperwork. You will need to provide a Social Security card, picture ID, and proof of residency for all members of the household.

If you have gotten a fan or air conditioner in the past, you are not eligible to get one in the future. For more information on how to access these programs, please contact the numbers listed above, or dial the Social Services office of the Salvation Army at 246-1060.

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