Assistance Program

Regional Elmore County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is providing emergency assistance to residents in the form of food, water, and supplies. The center is located in a nearby city or county, but residents can call and receive assistance. The church-based social service agency is part of the regional Montgomery network. This means that people who need help may have to drive to the nearest site.

This also means that resources are not concentrated in one area but are instead spread out across a larger area. This means that the food pantry needs to have enough food for more households in the area, that more people may need financial assistance, and that programs such as free Christmas toys or school supplies are more widely available. The Salvation Army services in Elmore County exist but may not be convenient to access.

The number to call for information is 334-265-0281. -As noted, you may need to travel to the office to apply as you will need to schedule an appointment. The residents of Elmore County will need to go through a case management process with the Salvation Army.

The Elmore County Salvation Army provides meals for anyone who is hungry. There are a few different programs that the center uses to help people. The first kind of relief is the soup kitchen which provides hot meals to those in need every day. If someone is homeless, in a crisis, or just looking for a meal and companionship, the soup kitchen may be able to help them.

The second option is a food bank, and that serves more immediate needs. The client can choose what they want from the pantry, but they need to bring their own bags or boxes to pack it in. There may be cans of meat or fruit, peanut butter or jelly, soup, vegetables, rice, and more. The food bank may have items that are more for households, such as toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, and similar goods.

There are different types of emergency housing available. If someone is homeless in Elmore County, the regional Salvation Army services can help them find a place to stay overnight. Though it may be far from where they would want to be. There are also shelters for people who have been affected by domestic violence.

If someone from Elmore County is about to be homeless, they can ask for money from a church-based charity. The financial aid can includes grants for electric bills, a few dollars for paying rent, and other housing costs.

The Salvation Army provides holiday and school programs in Elmore County in partnership with local businesses. The services offered are more focused on local areas, including Wetumpka and other nearby towns.

All the different stores and restaurants in Elmore County work together, as well as the post office, police and fire departments, and other groups. These resources are designed to help children from families with very little money, as well as those who are poor. The assistance given may include items such as free toys for Christmas morning, school supplies including pens, pencils, and backpacks, clothing, and other holiday assistance.

The Elmore and Wetumpka Salvation Army is not located in the county, but it has partnerships with many other charities in the region. The Family Resource Center is a list of services that anyone in need can use, including government aid for rent. Some of the main partners are:

There are several organizations that partner with the city to provide resources and support, including Faith Rescue Mission shelter, Department of Human Resources, Coast River Senior Center, the Health Department, and around 20 others. The charity also helps people who have been affected by a disaster in the area. There are many groups who partner with the Elmore County Salvation Army in order to help those in need.

For more information on the available services, please call 334-265-0281. This is a regional center that serves multiple counties, including Elmore.

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