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Rent assistance in city and county of Denver.

A comprehensive list of rental assistance programs offered in Denver can be found online. There are many organizations that offer financial assistance to low-income and struggling tenants. This type of financial assistance helps families cover the costs of renting or securing a new home or apartment. There are a few different ways that you can find section 8 housing choice vouchers in Denver County. One way is to look for motel or hotel rooms that offer them. Another way is to look for free legal aid for low income or elderly renters.

Some of the agencies only cover a specific area, and each has its own application process and different criteria that need to be met. The majority of rent assistance is given to those who are about to be evicted or who have some other type of financial difficulty, such as an unexpected medical bill or job loss.

Call one of the organizations below to get help with rent, utilities, or housing-related costs in Denver. If an organization is unable to help, they may be able to refer you to a government program or other agency that can provide assistance during a difficult time. There are various forms of government assistance available to help with rent, loans, vouchers, supportive housing, and even free lawyer consultations in Denver.

The Denver Colorado Mile High Rental Assistance Hotline provides assistance to anyone who needs it. You can find information on rental assistance programs, government grant money, and other resources by searching by zip code in the Denver County area. The customer service number for American Airlines is 1-888-480-0066. You can try contacting the customer service line in either English or Spanish. The number for English is 303.561-2130 and the number for Spanish is 303.561.2133. The following are other non-profits in the Denver area that can help with rent. The program provides temporary financial assistance to eligible low-income households who are unable to pay their rent due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Adventist Community Services is a non-profit organization that helps with preventing evictions. There may be a few dollars from the government to help pay for rent in a crisis. The address is 5045 W 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80219. To reach customer service, please dial 303.935.7386.

If non-profit agencies have funding, they can give money to people to help them pay for security deposits or rent. Callers can also get information on services to prevent eviction, legal support, transitional housing, and free government grants for paying various housing or rental expenses. If you need referrals, you can call (303) 561-2111.

The Denver Salvation Army has more than one location. The Family Services Center is the main place for housing, rent, and financial aid. The address is 2201 Stout St. in Denver and phone number is 303.295.3366. There are various emergency assistance programs that can help with things like rent or utilities, or provide access to homeless shelters or transitional housing. In some cases, there may also be a free motel voucher available. Mennonite Urban Ministry helps people with housing in a limited area. The Broadway Assistance Center can help you with rental assistance and provides emergency funds on a case-by-case basis. To apply, call 303-892-6416. The address is: 1212 Mariposa Street, Denver, Colorado 80204. You can come in without calling first. Call (303) 893-7933 or (303) 893-4108 to get in touch with Save Our Section 8 Colorado, Denver, Colorado. If you would like to speak to someone over the phone, please call (303) 825-6266. This organization helps makes housing more affordable in both the city and county. They are a government organization that helps people with housing. This organization helps people with housing by advocating for the disabled, senior citizens, and working poor. They also offer information on rent subsidies from HUD. Denver Housing Authority (DHA) is located at 655 Broadway Street in Denver, Colorado. DHA provides housing assistance to low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled. The address is 1035 Osage St., Denver, CO 80204. They also operate rent-subsidized homes or apartments, public housing, home buying services, and others. Landlords and tenants both have access to services. There is also an emergency section 8 for the disabled and elderly that can provide them with immediate vouchers. The phone number is 720-932-3000. If you need help in Colorado, you can go to the Denver Department of Human Services on 1200 Federal Blvd. There, you can get help with things like food, housing, and healthcare. To reach someone by telephone, dial (720) 944-2032 or 720-944-4347. The government may have funds available to help with rent if someone has an eviction notice. This program offers cash assistance and help with rent to low income residents who are struggling to keep their homes. It can help people keep their homes. They also have referrals to resources such as section 8 or low income, rent subsidized apartments and homes. This means that they can help you find a place to live that you can afford. The Denver Human Services agency can help people apply for public assistance, cash aid and government programs. The agency has staff and counselors who can help people with the application process. Counselors can provide information about food assistance, housing, and financial assistance for paying rent and housing expenses. The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides rental assistance to veterans through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program. Other government assistance programs for veterans include the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration. A number of benefits can be obtained. The main number is (720) 944-2032 or 720-944-4347. The charity is at 2771 Zenobia St, Denver, CO 80212. You can call (303) 477-4533 to get rent help from Good Shepherd, Saint Vincent de Paul Society. They cover the area of South of 17th Avenue, North of Cherry Creek Drive, West of Colorado Boulevard, East of Race Street. The telephone number is 303-322-7706. The address for the Association For Senior Citizens in Denver, Colorado is 2626 E 7th Ave Pkwy. The phone number for the organization is (303) 455-9642. The Association for Senior Citizens strives to make sure that all senior citizens in Colorado have the resources they need to live independently. This includes access to food, shelter, and public services. The Association also works to support low-income seniors so that they can maintain stability in their homes. The address for Focus Points Family Resource Center is 2501 E 48th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80216. Emergency housing assistance refers to the financial help given to people who are struggling to pay their rent or cover the cost of a security deposit. This assistance can come in the form of government benefits, grants from charities or other organizations, or loans from family or friends. They can be reached at (303)388-6425 The church may only have a small amount of money to help pay rent, as the money they give out is mostly from donations by people who attend the church. They provide food, clothing, shelter, and other necessary resources to help this population. They also help connect individuals to resources like education and employment opportunities. The additional services provided are case management, information on rent or deposit assistance, counseling, guidance and more. The address is 1630 S Acoma St, Denver, Colorado 80223. The number to call is 303-974-2908. There are two organizations that may be able to help with the first month’s rent and security deposit: the Denver Senior Homeless Initiative and Rescue Mission Family. To reach Rescue Mission Family, dial 303.313.2440. The applicant must have a source of income and a child. The Denver Rescue Mission’s Family and Senior Homeless Initiative (FSHI) helps families and seniors with security deposits and the first month’s rent for a new home. The rent can’t be more than 60% of the applicant’s income, and additional assistance may be offered with clothing, food, household items, and furniture. In order to be eligible for FSHI, you must also get matched with a mentoring and coaching program to help you become self-sufficient. The applicant has to be 60 years old or above, or a family with children who are 17 years old or younger and under their legal custody. The applicant must also be homeless (with no lease when they contact FSHI), have a documented source of income to cover monthly expenses, no felony in the last 12 months, and have both drug screening and a background check done. If the Denver-based church has the money, it can also help with a security deposit. They may help with things like food, transportation, and rent assistance. If you are going to be evicted from your home, you may be able to get help from a rental assistance program. There may also be vouchers for different types of housing, referrals to permanent housing, and grants to pay a security deposit or first month’s rent. To get rental assistance from First Mennonite Church, you must live in the parish area. The church is located at 430 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204. The program focuses on helping families with children and single parents who are facing a one-time crisis. Dial 303-892-1038 to get help with your rent, mortgage, utility bills, or other housing-related expenses. If you get voicemail, please try again at 303-892-1039.If you need help with your rent, mortgage, utility bills, or other housing-related expenses in Colorado, Volunteers of America can help. Dial 303-892-1038 to get in touch with someone who can assist you. If you get voicemail, please try again at 303-892-1039. They do not provide money directly to help with rent. The homeless and people in need can get help. Receive assistance for finding and keeping permanent housing, help with finding and maintaining a home, transportation, education and more. Other programs may provide referrals to transitional housing or apartments, the Family Motel, or emergency shelters. You must have a referral from a VOA caseworker to qualify for this service. Low income tenants can learn about their rights when it comes to evictions, discrimination, and other assistance. The office is located at 1905 Sherman Street, and the Eviction Assistance Program can offer up to $750 in funds from Denver’s Road Home program. The Eviction Assistance Program is a program run by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless that provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families who are at risk of eviction. The renter must have an eviction letter to apply for help. Some tenants in Denver may be issued a no-interest loan for overdue rental expenses if funding allows. Call the number 303-293-2217 or 303.293.2217. Jewish Family Services of Colorado may be able to help with offering rental assistance for tenants that have existing leases and that need help with a payment. Applicants need to set up an appointment by calling (303) 597-5000. Lamar Blvd. Suite 300 Austin, TX 78704The address is 3201 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 300 Austin, TX 78704 The address is Tamarac Drive, Denver, Colorado. It is a source of funds for non-profits who are working to help prevent homelessness in the Denver area. The money will be used to help with emergency rent, providing motel vouchers, rehousing, and other support services to prevent evictions in the area. They provide free or low-cost civil legal assistance to low-income people in need of representation in housing issues in Colorado. If you are low income, a minority, elderly, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable, the Colorado Poverty Law Project may be able to help you with housing issues. They provide free or low-cost civil legal assistance to low-income people in need of representation in housing issues in Colorado. If you are facing eviction or are in housing court, you can get free legal aid. If you’re experiencing housing discrimination, illegal landlord practices, or lack of repairs, you can get help from organizations like HUD or the National Fair Housing Alliance. The address of this location is 1801 California St. Denver, CO 80202, but it does not allow walk-in visitors. There is an intake form on the website, and the email address is [email protected].

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