Rent Assistance

Rent assistance in Eaton and Calhoun County.

Families in both Eaton and Calhoun Counties can apply for rental assistance from various sources, including the government, churches, charities, and non-profits. Services and resources are often combined to help break the cycle of homelessness. This can include helping someone manage their money and property, giving them advice on how to be a responsible tenant, and providing free legal support. What are the primary agencies to call for information on housing, or one time rent or security deposit help?

The applicant should be prepared to show proof of hardship in order to receive funding. While an agency may offer financial assistance for rent or a mortgage payment, this is not common. Some organizations will give you information about other programs that may be able to help you keep your home, like loans or free legal aid to stop evictions in the local housing court.

The Housing Services Mid Michigan will provide housing assistance to veterans and their families. The organization is located at 319 South Cochran in Charlotte, Michigan and can be contacted by phone at (517) 541-1180. The SSVH program provides a variety of resources to support veterans and their families. There are services to help with legal issues, eviction, first month’s rent, and moving costs. This program also advocates for veterans.

The State Emergency Rental Assistance program provides funding to states to help low-income households with rent. There are also vouchers that can be used to pay for a motel for one night or in a crisis, food, furniture, and other emergency housing. The first address is 1050 Independence Boulevard in Charlotte. The phone number for that location is (517) 543-0860. The second address is 190 East Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan. The phone number for that location is (269) 966-1284.

The Salvation Army in Calhoun County provides financial assistance for rent or a security deposit on an approved apartment or home. The main phone number for the Salvation Army in Calhoun County is (269) 966-4162. The non-profit can help in a time of need.

The Siren/Eaton Shelter only offers transitional housing to motivated families who have a job. The address is 520 Robinson Street in Charlotte, Michigan. The phone number for information is (517) 543-4915. A case manager will help a family find housing that is permanent or an apartment with low income.

The Saint Mary’s Of CharlotteAddress is 812 Saint Mary BoulevardCharlotte, MI 48813(517) 543-4319. They may be able to provide up to $100 for back rent or a mortgage payment, depending on their funding. You must have applied to the Salvation Army, DHS and Capital Area Community Services before you can apply here.

Rent subsidized housing means that the government pays a portion of your rent, making it more affordable. The Housing Choice Voucher program is one way that the government provides this assistance. There are agencies that provide services in both Calhoun and Eaton counties. This means that these groups of people can get housing that is based on how much money they make, which is usually not very much. The rent is affordable for those with low incomes. There are also services to help you buy a home, become self-sufficient, and more. To find out if there are any updates on the waiting list, call (517) 541-1180.

If you need legal assistance, you can call 1-800-968-0044. This service is available to families in both Eaton and Calhoun County.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul offers temporary rental or mortgage assistance to those at risk of becoming homeless, in an effort to prevent homelessness.

The Grand Ledge Emergency Assistance Program provides financial aid to those in need in the form of vouchers or direct payments. Some applicants will only be given a loan with a low interest rate for housing expenses.

Albion Interfaith Ministries may only be able to help with rent that is owed, in some cases. There is no money available for a security or utility deposit. The address is 114 West Erie Street. You can call (517) 629-5260 to get an application.

The main address for Albion Community Action is 101 North Albion Street in Albion, Michigan. The main phone number for the organization is (877) 422-2726.

Community Action provides housing and support services to low-income individuals and families. Services may include rental assistance, case management, and information on government grants. More information on community action agency in South Central MI can be found online. Try searching for “community action agency in South Central MI” or “community action agency near me.” You can also contact your local United Way or Chamber of Commerce for more information.

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