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Rent help in Delaware County Pennsylvania

There are several agencies in Delaware County that can help residents who are facing eviction by paying their rent or providing assistance to the homeless in the form of security deposit assistance or financial aid to pay security deposits. There are many different organizations that can help low income families and individuals with emergency rental assistance and housing services.

There may be financial assistance available for tenants, including grants, case management, housing assistance, emergency homeless shelter, and short term transitional housing. The majority of programs are designed to help those who are going through a tough time, like losing a job, having a medical emergency, being sick, or having a significant decrease in income. Organizations in Delaware County usually have standards and guidelines for evictions and income that applicants must meet.

There are several offices of the Delaware County Community Action Agency located throughout the county. The following are their phone numbers. The Darby office can be contacted at 610-583-9133, Chester at 610-874-8451, and Media at 610-891-5101. The Norris Street site is located at 229 Norris Street, Chester, PA 19013. Please call the number (610) 872-4070.

Services offered include helping people find a place to live, teaching them how to live independently, and providing information on programs that can help with things like rent and security deposits. Your local community action agency is a great place to get financial assistance and support. Delaware County Community Action Agency provides assistance with rent for those who are struggling to pay. This can help people who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are already homeless to get back on their feet.

Victims of domestic violence can access housing that they can move to as they transition away from their abusive situation. Call 610-565-6272 or the hotline at 610-565-4590 for 24 hour assistance.

This agency provides services for senior citizens, low income earners and the elderly. The government agency/non-profit provides and also coordinates a wide variety of services, including housing as well as free government grant money for rent, to eligible families and individuals. You can reach them at 610-713-2115. The resources available through this program include help with managing cases, paying rent, preventing evictions, finding emergency shelter, and securing transitional housing.

The Homeless Services Coalition is made up of various churches and agencies that work together to help homeless people. Some of the agencies that are part of the coalition are the Housing Authority, Catholic Charities, Pathways, and the County DSS. There are various organizations that offer grants to help with rent, free motel vouchers, budgeting assistance, job placement, loans, and also rent or housing for veterans or the disabled. There is a lot of support available. For more information, please call 610-713-2365.

The pro-bono office for Legal Aid of Delaware County and Southeastern Pennsylvania is located at 419 Avenue of the States, #605 in Chester, PA. The Delaware County Housing Authority provides free legal representation in housing court, help mediating disputes with property owners or landlords, and advice on applying for section 8 rent subsidies from HUD and other support.

The Salvation Army is a church located at 151 W 15th St., Chester, Pennsylvania 19013. Provides a safe place to stay and food for those in need. Emergency rental assistance may be offered to tenants who are close to eviction, depending on funding.

The Saint Vincent De Paul organization provides support to Delaware County and the surrounding Philadelphia region. There are organizations that can help with rent or utilities, furniture, legal aid, and utility bills to prevent evictions and help with other housing needs. Call the number 484-704-7153.

Family and Community Services is another option for people who are homeless or have low incomes and are facing eviction in Delaware County. Low income families who have received an eviction or pay or quite notice can get cash aid for rent or other housing costs, such as utilities.

There are also services that focus on helping people with mental health or substance abuse problems. The AIDS Housing Program provides housing and medical assistance to people with HIV/AIDS. This includes help with rent and other expenses. You can call the AIDS Care Group at 610-872-9101 or 610-566-7540.

Catholic Social Services provides a variety of services to those in need, including the Homeless Housing Resource Coordination program, counseling, and free rent grants. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 The address of the building is 130 E. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601. 7th Street, Chester, Pennsylvania 610-876-7101

The Delaware County Housing Authority is located at 1855 Constitution Ave #1 in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania. There are also rent subsidies, emergency section 8 for the elderly or disabled, rent subsidized homes and other services offered. There are other services that can help with things like home repairs, vouchers for housing, public assistance, and other financial resources for housing. To apply for emergency section 8 vouchers in Pennsylvania, you will need to contact your local public housing agency.

The Office of Housing and Community Development, which is located in Media and can be reached at (610) 891-5425, offers homeless prevention as part of government grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Upper Darby Office of Community Development is a government office that can help with housing issues. To reach someone by telephone at 610-734-7613 or 610-734-7716. They may provide information about eviction and homelessness prevention, emergency rent, moving costs, and longer-term self-sufficiency. The Chester Economic Development Authority provides services and support to businesses in Chester, Pennsylvania. Services include business counseling, financing assistance, and access to resources. The Chester Economic Development Authority is located at One 4th Street, Chester, PA 19016.

The Delaware County Department of Human Resources Homeless Services Coordinator provides homeless and rent assistance to low-income and unemployed people in a crisis. Call (610) 713-2306. This is a call for information and applications.

There are other places that can help with rent or utility bills besides Holcomb Behavioral Health, Horizon House, and Path Housing.

Housing and free voucher programs in Delaware County

There are several organizations in Delaware County Pennsylvania that provide homeless shelters and transitional housing programs. There may be financial assistance programs available to residents who are more stable to help pay for security deposits, moving or storage units costs, or first month’s rent. When the programs are full, some people may have free motel or hotel vouchers.

The non-profit Connect to Permanency provides housing for single adults who are transitioning from one living situation to another. The applicants will need to have some sort of disabilities related to substance abuse or mental health. Please come by 7200 Chestnut Street in Upper Darby or call 267-507-3970.

A charity known as Mothers Home offers a residential program for single pregnant women as well as women who have survived domestic violence. J.L.J. 1537 The New Jersey Law Journal published an article on October 15, 2018, discussing a recent case in which a defendant was charged with a crime. The article includes a discussion of the relevant law and the facts of the case. The address for this location is MacDade Blvd., Darby, and the phone number is 610-583-4663. This charity organization provides case management and lodging.

The Ralph Moses House provides transitional housing and other facilities for homeless men. Bradley Pl. The address is 2500 W. Bradley Pl. The address is 10th Street, Chester, PA and the phone number is 610-859-3806.

The Wesley House Community Corporation has housing resources available for both single mothers and families. Some apartments are specifically designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. When the situation is stable, information on grants for the first month’s rent and/or security deposit may be offered. The address is 701 Madison St, Chester, Pennsylvania 19013. To speak to someone at the church, please call (610) 872-2611.

The Life Center Easter Delaware County is located at 6310 Market Street in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The emergency homeless shelter can help dozens of families, including those with children who are single parents. Please call the number (610) 734-577.

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