Rent Assistance

Rent help in Portage County Ohio.

If you are struggling to pay rent in Portage County, there are a number of charities and non-profits that may be able to help you out. If you need long-term support, the next options may be a voucher to help pay for housing costs. The county has gathered resources to help with rent, shelter, and government aid in order to stop homelessness and evictions.

The main source of funding for these rental and other housing assistance programs comes from the United Way and/or the federal government. Local charities apply for grants from this organization. After a careful review, there may be grants or short-term loans available for housing costs such as security deposits, legal advice, back rent, or even moving costs.

If a family in Portage County, Ohio does not qualify for assistance, they may be given referrals to other organizations that can help them. This means that there are resources available for groups of people who are considered vulnerable or at risk. This includes single mothers, seniors, and veterans. They may be eligible for other short-term rent assistance programs.

The Catholic Charities Serving of Portage County is located at 206 West Main Street in Ravenna, Ohio. This organization provides utility or bulk fuel assistance, as well as other housing needs. The phone number for this organization is (330) 297-7745. The churches may offer assistance with rent, low cost furniture for an apartment, and other social services.

They help with food, clothing, utility assistance, and more. There may be government grants available to help with heating bills, referrals to rent or housing programs, job placement and more. They focus on issues related to employment and housing stability, and are involved in various grant-based assistance programs. If you’re looking for more information on rental programs, you can check out the office at 1115 Franklin Avenue in Kent, OH.

Family And Community Services is a non-profit organization that helps veterans, low income families, seniors, and the disabled. They have been helping people since the 1940s. Outreach services work to stabilize a housing situation by providing emergency rent assistance. They can also provide legal aid for eviction help, government grant applications, and more.

You may be able to get help with your rent, bills, and other expenses if you are low-income. There are other local charities in Portage County Ohio that can help with additional housing needs, such as mortgages or security deposits.

The Salvation Army Worship and Service Center is located at 268 West Main Street in Ravenna, Ohio. The main number is (330) 296-7371. If funding is available, the Salvation Army may be able to help with partial rent payments for families who have received an eviction notice. Any financial assistance provided is limited, requires the family to take steps to become financially stable, and in some cases loans may be issued for rent or other costs to reduce the charities risk.

If you have a civil legal issue, you can get help from Community Legal Aid Services Inc. They are located at 250 S Chestnut St in Ravenna, Ohio, and their phone number is (330) 297-1569. There may be free legal aid available to those who have experienced discrimination based on their immigration status or minority status, as well as representation in Portage County housing court and other forms of support.

The Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority (PMHA) is located at 2832 State Route 59 in Ravenna, Ohio. Phone: 330-297-1489. Section 8 housing choice vouchers are available for low income families. The government provides financial assistance to help cover rent, though there may be a long wait list. There is more information on other HUD programs, like Housing Choice Section 8 Vouchers, on the HUD website.

They offer food, clothing, and other resources. They also have a program for kids. They can be given food, take classes on how to be a responsible tenant, and be directed to programs that help with moving or deposits when they are more stable.

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