Rent Assistance

Rental and housing assistance Livingston Parish region.

If you are a tenant in Livingston Parish struggling to pay your rent, moving costs, or security deposit, there is help available to you. There are several organizations that offer resources for short-term or long-term housing. There are free lawyers to help with eviction court, as well as other expenses that may come up, such as back rent, deposits, and moving costs. If the apartment meets Housing Quality Standards (Housing quality standards are determined by a HUD authorized inspector), the tenant may choose to use a voucher to help pay the rent. The Housing Quality Standards are determined by HUD and establish the minimum standards for quality housing. If an apartment meets these standards, a voucher can be used to help pay the rent.

Some of the agencies are based in Livingston Parish, including Denham Springs. This means that there are other churches in the area that are also listed as National Historic Landmarks. There are also various programs at the state and federal level that can provide grant money to help with rent or security deposits. There are many organizations that offer financial assistance to people in need. These organizations may offer loans, grants, or emergency financial aid to help with rent or bills.

The Salvation Army Social Services Livingston Parish is located in nearby Baton Rouge. The location has many different resources that can help people in need, such as homeless shelters, rent assistance, free furniture, household items, food, and disaster relief. Salvation Army case workers provide people affected by hurricanes and floods with free hotel vouchers, clothes, and household supplies. If you need help with rent or utilities, you can call (225) 355-4483 for referrals.

Denham Springs and Livingston Parish Housing Authority provides housing programs such as section 8 rent vouchers, public housing, information on home buying, Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS), and more. The main address is 600 Eugene St, Denham Springs, Louisiana 70726. The phone number is (225) 664-3301. There is often a waitlist for section 8, including emergency vouchers. There are also apartments and homes available for low-income people. If you’re in Louisiana and looking to continue with section 8, there are a few options near you.

The organization provides services and support to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They offer resources and assistance to help people find and maintain housing. They also work to prevent homelessness by providing support and resources to those who are at risk. This program provides financial assistance to help cover housing costs, including things like past-due rent, mortgages, rent for mobile homes, and deposits for moving. There may be government money available to pay for a hotel or motel room in some cases. The charity can also help pay for utility bills or connection fees to prevent homelessness. The phone number is 225-336-8700.

This is the address of the Quad Area Community Action Agency in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Each program has its own eligibility requirements.Some of these include being at or below the poverty line, being unemployed, being disabled, being a single parent, and being a victim of domestic violence.There are many programs available to help those in need, each with their own specific requirements for eligibility. Some of these requirements may include being at or below the poverty line, being unemployed, being disabled, being a single parent, or being a victim of domestic violence. There are a variety of assistance programs available, including weatherization, rent payment assistance, job programs, and assistance for veterans. This means that the government may give you money for your project, or you may be able to get a loan from a local bank or organization.

The Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) program provides funding to eligibleLouisiana residents who are experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk ofhomelessness, so that they can obtain necessary housing and/or services. To contact either of these numbers, dial 225-763-8700 or 225-665-9100. 16, Denham Springs, LA 70726 The address is 26852 LA Hwy. 16, Denham Springs, LA 70726 This is the address of a house in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

The Office of Family Assistance provides financial assistance to those who are at risk of eviction or homelessness. They also offer housing related assistance programs to help with rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, and other housing expenses. They also provide other forms of public assistance.

The Louisiana Assisted Living Association is a non-profit organization that provides housing and other assistance to seniors, the disabled, and other vulnerable populations in the state of Louisiana. They have a wide range of services and programs designed to help those in need, and they are always looking for ways to improve and expand their services. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please do not hesitate to contact them. There are various services and resources available to help people who cannot live independently. Assisted living programs provide housing and assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Other resources include home health care, adult day care, and respite care.

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services provides free legal assistance to those who cannot afford it. This includes the poor, elderly, and low income residents of Livingston Parish. They help with things like debt, eviction history, and housing disputes. To contact someone by phone, dial (855) 512-3980.

This is a shelter for women who have been victims of domestic violence. It provides them with a safe place to stay. To reach someone by phone, dial (225) 791-3940.

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