Rental assistance in Catawba County.

Tenants in Catawba County who are facing eviction can apply for emergency rental assistance, free legal aid, and other housing programs. The main organizations to contact for help are listed below. Each person or organization has their own way of providing support, which could be anything from giving money to paying rent, or even offering services like a homeless shelter or help with security deposits.

There are many organizations in Hickory North Carolina. There are many resources available in Catawba County. Other funds may be available to help pay for utility or energy bills, heating costs, and even water bills in addition to help with rental arrears.

If a family in Catawba County is struggling to pay rent or utility bills, or if they are homeless, there is help available. Some primary places that offer short term help for rent are charities, churches, and other similar organizations.

This is a group of churches that cooperate with each other to help those in need in their community. Their main address is 245 E N Street in Newton, North Carolina, and their telephone number is (828) 465-1702. They are responsible for the eastern side of the county.

The Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry provides emergency financial assistance to those in need. Client Services is the group within the charity that provides this assistance. Those interested in receiving assistance can call (828) 327-0979. One resource that may be available to assist with a mortgage payment, back rent, moving costs, or utilities is government funding. This means that people who are struggling to make ends meet or who are unemployed may be able to get help with their rent.

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The Catawba County Social Services is the government office that helps with many different services. Some of these services include: food assistance, medical assistance, child care, and more. The main number for this office is (828) 695-5600. There is an emergency cash assistance program in the state that can be used to cover rent and other housing expenses. Some clients are given loans as well. This means that they can borrow money from the company in order to start or expand their business. Other assistance programs, in addition to rent help, may include LIHEAP, food assistance, and more. There is more information available on social services in Catawba County.

The Legal Aid of Catawba County provides legal assistance to individuals who are facing eviction from their homes, discrimination in housing, and other housing-related challenges. The organization’s lawyers can help with a variety of legal issues, and they offer free legal aid to those who need it.

The Salvation Army Resource Center in Hickory, NC provides assistance to those in need once a week. This assistance may be in the form of money to help pay rent. There is also a low-cost store for furniture, shelter, case management, and other aid.

The Catawba Valley Family Care Center is a nonprofit organization that provides medical care, dental care, and behavioral health services to low-income families in the Catawba Valley region of North Carolina. This organization provides housing and shelter to families with children, including single moms. This allows families to have a place to stay while they work on getting back on their feet. In addition to providing meals, case management, and job programs, they also help with security deposits. The address of the Catawba County Public Library is 2875 Highland Avenue Northeast, Hickory, NC 28601. Please call the number 828-324-9917.

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The AIDS Leadership Foothills Area Alliance is a housing program that is only for applicants that have been impacted by HIV-AIDS.

This is the organization that owns and manages the Hickory Housing Authority. The Hickory Housing Authority owns several properties in the Hickory area. The main location is in Williamsburg, North Carolina. They also help with weatherization and homeless assistance The section 8 housing choice voucher program is administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The program provides rental assistance to low-income families, with a focus on helping families become self-sufficient. HUD also runs low income apartments and public housing, and provides assistance to families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. There are many programs available that can help people who have difficulty paying their rent or utilities.

This charity provides rent assistance to families who have received an eviction or pay or quit notice. There are also services such as clothing, employment, counseling, and more. This means that there is extra money available to help pay for rent.

Sipe’s Orchard Home provides a safe place for young people to stay who are under the age of 22. The address is 4431 County Home Road, Conover, North Carolina 28613. The phone number is 828-256-3324.

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