Rental assistance Richland County Ohio.

Richland County has many programs that help with rent or address housing needs. Many agencies are located in Mansfield, but help is also available throughout the county. There are many resources available to help pay for rent, including grants, loans, security deposits, emergency housing, and Section 8 subsidies.

Funds to pay rent, security deposits, and eviction prevention services

There are agencies in Richland County that may offer financial assistance. There are only a limited number of this item available, and it comes with certain restrictions. The funds will be used to pay for expenses related to housing, such as rent, utilities, storage, legal fees, and deposits on a new home or apartment. Each organization has its own process for applying for charitable donations, which may vary depending on the organization.

Catholic Charities provides homeless and eviction prevention services through the HCRP Grant. Churches can offer a number of different services to people in need, including emergency rent assistance, free furniture for a home or apartment, cash loans, and counseling. The United Way and government offer grants to help with housing expenses like back rent, energy bills, water costs, deposits, and even lease application fees.

Diamond St. The Salvation Army provides a variety of services to help with emergency needs such as utility assistance, clothing and food. The Salvation Army provides housing and grant money, including from EFSP Funds, to help with emergency needs such as utility assistance, clothing and food. The social service address is 47 S. Diamond St. The address for the main Street Mansfield, Ohio social services is 44902. The telephone number is (419) 525-2912. Social services and financial aid, along with EFSP and FEMA grants, can help with rent. Other assistance that Richland County offers include employment help, vouchers for free stays at motels, and aid for those who are homeless.

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Fourth St., Suite 100Mansfield, Ohio 44902 The Mansfield Metropolitan Housing Authority is located at 88 W. Fourth St., Suite 100 in Mansfield, Ohio. This agency provides housing assistance to eligible individuals and families in the Mansfield area. The Third St. Mansfield, OH 44902 location has rent subsidies available from HUD section 8. The intake number is (419) 524-0029. This is for people with very low incomes, the disabled, or seniors. They also provide affordable housing, financial assistance for purchasing a home, and other programs to help people with housing needs. Where can I find more information on section 8 applications in Ohio?

Richland County Job & Family Services provides public aid in the form of cash assistance to help pay rent, energy costs, and other bills.

The Richland County Veterans Service Commission is a government organization that provides financial assistance to veterans and their families. They are located in Mansfield, Ohio, and their phone number is (419) 774-5822. Housing, rent, mortgages, legal defense, moving costs, and other bills can all be paid for.

Diamond St., Mansfield, Ohio 44902 The legal office address for Legal Aid of Mansfield and Western Ohio, Inc. is 35 N. Diamond St., Mansfield, Ohio 44902. The lawyers at this location offer free legal assistance to those who need it. If you are in need of a lawyer and cannot afford one, please contact this office for help. As a tenant advocate, I work to help tenants who are facing eviction. I also work to address housing discrimination and to prevent homelessness.

Short term emergency housing

The agencies below provide shelter for the homeless or a low income family. There may be places to stay, like transitional housing, and other support, like financial help. Emergency financial aid or rent help is not common. But they can provide food, clothing, and help the homeless get back on track.

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Harmony House Homeless Services, Inc. is a homeless shelter located at 124 W Third St. in Mansfield, OH. They offer emergency, short-term housing for people in need. For more information, you can call them at (419) 522-2323. Facilities that provide temporary housing and support services for people who are homeless or transitioning out of homelessness. They also help families/clients by providing money for future rent or security deposits expenses.

The main number for Catalyst Life Services, located at 741 Scholl Road in Mansfield, Ohio, is (419) 522-4357.

The Domestic Violence Shelter of Richland County Ohio is a confidential location that helps women, children, and others fleeing from violence. Phone – (419) 774-5840 Housing, legal aid, job programs, protection, clothes, and more is given.

8th Street The Men focused Transitional Housing Program at 280 N. 8th Street provides housing to men who are transitioning from being homeless to having their own place to live. The program provides these men with support and resources to help them make this transition successfully. Volunteers of America is a program that helps people in need. They provide food, shelter, and clothing to people who are struggling. They also offer resources and support to help people get back on their feet. They provide assistance to those who are less fortunate in Richland County, including the homeless, veterans, and the elderly.

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