Restore Hope Ministries financial aid.

Restore Hope Ministries has several programs that focus on helping low-income and less fortunate people in Tulsa. The charity provides financial assistance for rent payments and offers free food to help prevent hunger. The Ministry also provides other seasonal services, such as free school supplies or clothing.

Restore Hope Ministries provides emergency money to tenants who are behind on their rent in order to prevent them from becoming homeless. The funds are focused at helping people in Tulsa County who have had a recent reduction in income, either from a loss of their job or cut back in their work hours. The program is called the Homeless Prevention Initiative, and in some cases, funds from the program may be used to prevent an eviction.

The money from the charity can also be used to help homeless people get into a low income apartment. There may be money needed for paying security deposits. The church will provide financial aid, housing support, and ongoing advice to clients in an effort to prevent homelessness.

Bridge housing is a type of housing that helps people who have been homeless to transition back to a stable living environment. This is offered in partnership with local non-profits and government agencies, and Restore Hope Ministries will help people that are transitioning from dependent living to independent living. This program helps you create a budget, and provides counseling and support to help you manage your money. This service will help address any issues that may prevent someone from accessing or keeping housing. For information on rent programs, the hotline is answered Monday – Wednesday from 9am-12pm and Thursday from 1pm-4pm. The time from 9am to 11am. The phone number is nine one eight eight seven eight seven nine nine nine.

Children and families who are struggling to make ends meet in Tulsa County can get free food from local organizations. The region’s residents are assisted by Restore Hope Ministries and its partners each year. The hungry are also fed by them.

There are many programs available to help reduce hunger in the community, including direct assistance and referrals to government food resources. The food pantry always need donations and volunteers, so please give back to the ministry if you can. They provide food assistance from Monday to Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Restore Hope asks that people bring in their photo ID, Social Security cards for each household member, and a bill or piece of mail with name and address (in Tulsa County) that is dated with in the last 60 days.

Seasonal assistance is offered during the season it is needed. These families may struggle to provide extra expenses during special events.

Restore Hope can provide free school supplies to children, including clothes, shoes, and boots. Hundreds of Thanksgiving meals are served in Tulsa County, and another service is the provision of Housekeeping Kits containing basic cleaning supplies. During Christmas, many places offer free gifts, toys, and meal baskets to those in need. The free school supply program provides supplies to students during the first week of August.

In the summer, Oklahoma gets hot and people who are elderly or ill may get free fans or AC units. This will help to keep people’s homes warm, and potentially save a life. The ministry may be able to provide money to help pay an overdue electric bill, but this will be a limited amount.

The charity has created relationships with different organizations to help people with employment difficulties. This job training system will be easy to use and will not fail. It is for adults, seniors, veterans, and dislocated workers in Tulsa. The staff at Restore Hope Ministries will help clients with needs such as getting a GED, preparing for post-secondary education, and finding paid work experience in the community.

Hope Promotion is a way to help people by counseling them and providing guidance. This will not only refer the client to local services for their financial needs, but it also touches on spiritual guidance and other care services. Helping those who are less fortunate can help them get on a more stable path.

Phone number for assistance from Restore Hope

The programs are possible only through donations and volunteers. For more information or to donate, please visit the website. The main office for Restore Hope Ministries, where you can apply for help or donate, is at 2960 Charles Page Blvd, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127. The phone number for the help line is 918-836-HELP.

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