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Richmond assistance programs.

Free health care

A clinic that provides free health care is located in Richmond, Virginia. The Health, Now! clinic will help those who do not have health insurance or who have insufficient health insurance. This also helps people who are poor and cannot afford things. The Health, Now! clinic has moved to the basement of Richmond City Hall to provide more room and services to those in need. There are a few ways to get help with medical bills and health care. One way is to see if you qualify for any government programs like Medicaid or Medicare. Another way is to contact your local community health center. They usually have sliding scale fees based on income. Finally, you can look into health insurance options through the marketplace.

This means that if you cannot pay the $15 fee, you will still be able to visit the clinic. The free health care clinic is a great resource for people who need primary health care or medical check ups. It can also serve as a person’s primary care medical provider.

The clinic also offers free drugs. There is an office that provides medicines and prescription assistance, but it is located on the first floor of Richmond City Hall, separate from the Health, Now! clinic. If you need help with your prescription, go to the commission chambers near the back entrance of the building. You will need to bring a list or the actual medication bottles of what you are currently taking if you are seeking prescription assistance or free medicines. To reach customer service, please dial 482-5500.

The Fan Free Clinic was established in the Richmond area in order to provide free medical care to those who could not afford it. It provides general medicine, primary health care, gynecology, pediatrics, and family planning to people who otherwise can’t afford medical or hospital bills. The number 804 358 6343 can be pronounced as eight-oh-four, three-five-eight, six-three-four-three.

Richmond, Daily Planet, Inc. is a news company that is based in Richmond, Virginia. The clinic offers health care services, including dental care, prescriptions, and mental health care, for people who are homeless or lack health insurance. Call the number (804)649-2119.

Free legal help and programs

The Central Virginia Legal Aid Society provides free legal services and programs to low income, elderly, and others who can’t afford equal justice to law. The non-profit law firm can help people with a variety of legal issues, including foreclosures, evictions, domestic issues, insurance claims, and unemployment claims. If you need free legal advice in Virginia, you can call the law firm at (804) 648-1012, or click here for more information.

Emergency food, rent financial assistance, and other aid in Richmond Virginia

Commonwealth Catholic Charities is a leading agency that provides services and programs for low-income people and others. There are many services available to people who need help, including assistance with foreclosures, pregnancy counseling, emergency food and financial assistance for rent and utility bills, adoption services, therapeutic foster care, debt management and elimination, mental health counseling, home care for the elderly and disabled, credit repair, guardianship services, services for refugee minors, domestic violence programs, and services for the homeless and those facing eviction. Contact them at (804) 285-5900.

The Salvation Army in Richmond provides a program called Family and Emergency Services that helps low income people and others in need by providing things like emergency shelter and food. This assistance program helps a lot of people by giving them money for rent, utility bills, food and clothing. Sometimes they also get Christmas gifts.

The program provides money to help pay for things like mortgage and rent, food, household items, seasonal assistance, and clothing. There are programs in Virginia that can help with foreclosures and mortgages.

is a 501(c)(3) organization. This organization is a 501(c)(3) organization. This organization provides emergency financial assistance to low- and moderate-income people who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. You may also be able to get help with utility bills if you qualify for assistance. In addition to providing free food for eligible applicants, the Richmond Virginia non-profit also provides food as it becomes available. These programs aim to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless, or who are already homeless, to find and keep housing. This is a phone number.

The CAPUP mission is to help people and families who are in a temporary crisis. They are trying to help people who are struggling to pay rent or have no food. The number to call is (804)788-0050.

Richmond City Social Services can help people who live on a low to moderate income, the elderly, and disabled people. They help people with money so they don’t lose their homes. Funds can help people who need a place to live by helping them pay for rent or a security deposit for a new place. Money to pay security deposits to secure new housing and/or utilities and utility payments to prevent and/or reconnect services. This could help people who are struggling to keep a stable place to live. There are also payments and assistance to creditors and vendors for things like prescription medicine, medical items, food in an emergency, health care expenses, and shelter when other resources in the Richmond community are not available. The number 804-646-7212 can be pronounced as “eight zero four, six four six, seven two one two”.

Assistance paying heating bills

There are two programs in Richmond that can help low to moderate income families pay for their heating bills. The programs are funded by the federal government. The Richmond County Department of Social Services offers programs that people can learn more about or apply for. Call the agency at (804) 726-7000. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible low-income households pay for home heating and cooling costs. LIHEAP is a federally funded program that provides assistance through cash grants, which are paid directly to the utility company, and crisis grants, which are available for households in immediate danger of being without heat.

The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) can provide eligible residents of Richmond and the surrounding county with up to $600 in heating assistance vouchers to help pay for winter heating costs. The program will help many people who have a severe disability and are in danger of losing their heat. They need to have a medical note and a disconnection notice from their heat source in order to enroll. However, after this enrollment occurs, the program will expand to include low income families, the elderly, and homes with your children present.

If an individual or family meets the qualifications for this grant, they will receive vouchers to help pay for their gas or electric bill. After someone reaches the $600 limit for government aid, they have to start paying for wood, kerosene, or heating oil themselves.

The second program is the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP), which provides assistance to low-income households in paying their energy bills. This will help pay for heating costs and bills once.

The one-time payment that families receive has averaged between $50 and $75 in the past and is typically mailed out in February, according to the county’s social services director.

Homeless prevention and support services

If you are homeless or about to lose your home in Richmond, you can contact any of the following charities for financial aid. Receive money to pay for rent, security deposits, and services such as counseling and help finding a new apartment. If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you can call Homeward at 804-343-2045, Virginia Supportive Housing at 804-788-6825, or the Homeless Crisis Line at 804-972-0813 for help. There are also emergency section 8 HUD vouchers for housing which can help with rent.

Food pantries and distribution centers

The Second Baptist Church provides free food to people who are low income or need help. You can contact them at (804)353-7682.

The William Byrd Community House is a place where people can come together and share their experiences, learn new things, and build relationships. This center offers food assistance and groceries to those in need in the City of Richmond Virginia and the surrounding counties. This is a phone number. To call it, simply dial the numbers on your phone.

Tabernacle Baptist Church offers food and clothing to anyone who needs it. Call the number (804)355-0134

The First Baptist Church in Richmond provides a bag of groceries and food to people up to 12 times throughout the year. This is a phone number.

The Salvation Army in Richmond provides food to families in the city and surrounding counties. The number to reach them is (804)225-7470.

There are other food pantries in Henrico County that provide food for free. They also have hot meals on special days, like Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

They offer free or low-cost housing counseling to residents who are at-risk of losing their homes or have already lost their homes to foreclosure. The Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation is a nonprofit organization that helps residents in Richmond, Virginia who are at risk of losing their homes or have already lost their homes to foreclosure. They offer free or low-cost housing counseling to help people stay in their homes. The organization provides housing programs that help people with things like preventing foreclosure, mortgage delinquency, and financial empowerment. This is a phone number.

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