Assistance Program

Riverside County eviction and homeless prevention assistance.

Riverside county uses a combination of federal and local funding to help prevent evictions and provide housing for the homeless. There is a focus on finding housing for people in the region, with the belief that this will help them in other areas of their lives. The services available are explained in more detail below.

If you are homeless, you may be able to get help finding a place to live and with other basic needs. This program/team helps homeless people by providing them with food, shelter, and other necessities. There are various non-profits and government agencies in the region that work to find people who are living on the streets or in places that are not meant for human habitation. These organizations pro-actively go out to the community to find these individuals and provide them with assistance.

Ideally, a tenant should ask for assistance before they are evicted. It is better to find help before a landlord sends a notice that you must pay the rent or leave, because once they do, you will have limited options. If someone is being evicted for a non-monetary reason, such as damage to the home or noise disturbance, the Riverside County programs can help with those issues. This is often dealt with by attorneys who work with medical professionals to provide care for patients.

If the above cannot be done, rapid rehousing will be provided as a last resort. If there is no available space, they will be given a sleeping bag and a spot to sleep outside. If a homeless person is found in Riverside County, they will be either sent to a local shelter or given a free voucher for a motel room. If there is no space available at a shelter, they will be given a sleeping bag and a spot to sleep outside. While there, the necessities will be provided. If the person needs food, medical care, or clothing, we can help them get what they need.

Since this is an ongoing task, the county relies on partners to help with the rehousing program. There are many people and organizations in the community who can help with problems. Some of these groups use a service that takes them to where the homeless live.

They help people who don’t have a home or who are about to lose their home. There are many examples of people who have been moved into new, affordable housing. This means that the county may give money from HUD to help pay for things like the first month’s rent, money for a security deposit, and costs associated with moving. The Housing First approach provides people with stable housing first, and then offers other services as needed. This approach is based on the belief that people need a stable place to live before they can address other issues in their lives, such as mental health or addiction.

Another program that provides housing in the region is street to home. This will help a homeless person who is chronically homeless to move into a new home quickly. The service provides extensive support to those who are in the process of finding new housing.

In Riverside County, if a renter is served an eviction notice or is about to be served one, the county will provide assistance. The Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program is one way to prevent homelessness in Riverside California. The government provides grants for rent arrears, move-in assistance, housing subsidies and guidance to help people with housing needs. All applications are closely scrutinized by the Riverside County Housing Authority.

Some evicted residents may be moved quickly into the Riverside Permanent Supportive Housing Program, or SHP. This is funded by ESG grants and additional funding from the HUD Continuum of Care program. The time it takes for someone to find housing after becoming homeless can be minimized by providing them with access to resources, which can help the family regain stability.

The Riverside area has a lot of different options for people who are looking for help with their SHP. A disabled resident who was evicted can apply for housing, as well as veterans and senior citizens. SHP is not the best solution because it only happens after the eviction has already started, and it doesn’t prevent the eviction from happening, but it’s another option for people who are struggling to keep their homes.

Non-profits in Riverside County offer other assistance, such as eviction prevention, to tenants who are at risk of being evicted. The Veterans’ Administration Supportive Housing Initiative provides support to military members and legal aid to address housing issues. A family can receive different types of support from the government, like money for rent or counseling. For information about these services, please call 951-826-2200.

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