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Saint Helenas Parish Social Ministry assistance programs.

Many people are finding it difficult to get a job, especially in New Castle County Delaware. This is causing many families to struggle to pay for things like housing and food. Some people are also trying to improve their job skills so that they can be more likely to get a job in the future. This is where the Saint Helenas Parish Social Ministry can be used as a resource. The Parish Social Ministry can help with things like food, clothes, and shelter. This non-profit organization will help connect people in need with resources in the community, as well as offering their own financial assistance in some cases. This includes meals from the Emmanuel Dining Room.

There are not enough houses available for sale in New Castle County. There are not enough homes or apartments that low income residents in Wilmington can afford to rent. The community needs safe and affordable housing.

Saint Helenas Parish can be a valuable resource for finding information on homes and affordable apartments in the Wilmington area. There are also charities that offer a place to stay for people who are struggling to find housing. Any type of support is combined with programs that educate people on ways to maintain their lease agreement too. This includes programs that help people with things like budgeting and money management, as well as programs that teach them about their rights and responsibilities as tenants. People can learn about their rights and responsibilities. If the charity is struggling, it can provide information on places to turn to for financial aid.

The Parish Social Ministry offers programs to help low-income families overcome obstacles and improve their lives. This is a way of organizing and managing cases so that they can be dealt with more effectively. This is for people who are homeless or unemployed, or who are working but still struggling to make ends meet. This can help them get back on their feet and avoid a crisis. The church provides resources to help people become secure and stable in their lives.

Caseworkers are there to help you and give you information about where to get immediate assistance. This is used by a lot of families every month. The team interviewed and assessed the situation to figure out how to resolve the crisis. The services that Saint Helena offers are not meant to last long term, but rather to give the client a sense of relief in the short term. After we become self-sufficient, we will be able to sustain ourselves in the long term.

Transitional housing is a type of housing designed to help people who are homeless make the transition to living in their own homes. Transitional housing usually provides low-cost rental homes for people who are homeless, as well as access to support services that can help them transition into independent living. The person can only live in that place for a set amount of time. The tenant will be able to save money and achieve future goals. The housing will provide a safe and stable environment for the family as they transition back to an independent life.

This is a program that lasts for multiple months and provides case management, a savings incentive plan, educational opportunities, and child mentoring to clients. The person who enrolls in the program will need to pay a portion of their income for the monthly rent. The goal is for them to have their own place to live, either by renting or owning a home outright.

The Saint Helena Parish Social Ministry Family Support and Development Services offers case management for clients who need assistance for an extended period of time. The staff from the non-profit will give them the tools they need to create a self-sufficient life. This assessment tool includes questions about the resources and stressors in a family’s life. It is used to help identify areas of need and develop a plan to address those needs.

This process will help the person identify areas of strength and problems so that they can eliminate their unstable lifestyle. There are many areas that can be addressed when it comes to emotional resources, financial support, physical health, employment resources, and even child education programs for the family. Other needs that arise can be addressed by Saint Helena’s Parish Social Ministry.

A family action plan is created to help the family progress towards self-sufficiency. Clients are offered support through a designated Family Support Specialist who provides instruction, guidance, and referrals to other local assistance programs.

This sentence is saying that the relationship between a person and their Saint Helena’s Family Support Specialist is one where both parties are responsible for meeting certain goals. weekly meetings help to ensure that people are held accountable for meeting long-term goals. Every three months, there will be a formal evaluation.

Saint Helenas Parish Social Ministry helps families who are struggling to get food by giving them access to a food pantry. The food pantry has non-perishable food that is nutritious. The center has many volunteers who help people choose groceries and then take them to their cars. This food pantry in Wilmington is open Monday to Friday and is one of the few locations that serve the local community.

Other food that will go bad may be distributed in New Castle County from time to time. The Food Bank provides weekly fresh produce, milk, or dairy goods during certain periods of the year. This and more is available.

The Emmanuel Dining Room and Meals on Wheels are two extra services provided by the Mission. These programs provide care and assistance to those who are elderly, disabled, or have mental health issues in Wilmington.

TheSaint Helena Parish Social Ministry offers educational opportunities to at-risk clients through Educational Services. This allows them to improve their situation and hopefully break the cycle of poverty and/or dependence on government assistance. The programs focus on giving the individual the skills and tools needed to be successful and independent. The library offers a variety of services such as computer classes, an open computer lab, GED training, money management classes, typing classes, resume help, and job search assistance.


The families who live near the church in Wilmington can contact the church for support. The address is 602 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19809. To reach customer service, please call (302) 764-0325.

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