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Salvation Army assistance programs Clackamas County.

The Salvation Army provides assistance with basic needs such as housing, food, and utilities. The Clackamas centers may have some short term emergency financial assistance to pay for electric bills, rent, or gasoline vouchers. There may also be free food from the Salvation Army, help getting back to school supplies for students and help with the holidays. There are many other resources available to case workers as they partner with clients on a long term basis.

Many families struggle to pay their monthly utility bills. –> Many people are at risk of having their water or power shut off. The Salvation Army collaborates with the government and other local organizations that assist people in need. The amount of aid that someone can receive depends on many things, including the person’s financial situation and how much money is available.

Many children and students require school supplies. The Clackamas County Oregon businesses may have school supplies such as paper, pens, rulers, folders, erasers, crayons, free backpacks, and glue sticks. Some people may be able to get these items from a thrift store, and others may get them through a voucher system from people who can’t afford them.

The school may also provide clothing and work uniforms to students. Some Salvation Army locations may offer a program to help with back-to-school costs. This organization provides backpacks full of school supplies to lower income families for free. These backpacks are then given to families who are in need of them.

The holidays are a busy time for the Oregon City Salvation Army. They receive a lot of requests for help during this time. Christmas is a busy time for organizations because they are trying to do the most good, and because many families have additional expenses at that time of year. The Salvation Army wants to help families have a special Thanksgiving or Christmas. They will do their best to make that happen. Some of the resources available to help families in need during the holidays include the Angel Tree program, Adopt-a-Family, and holiday food baskets.

People in Clackamas county really like the programs and Angel Trees. Individuals know that it is their opportunity to make the Christmas holiday season possible for thousands of kids. They work hard to ensure that children all over the world can have a happy holiday. The organization works with local businesses, churches, and civic groups to place trees in public areas in the community. They may be set up at all types of businesses.

The agency is focused on preventing hunger. Not everyone can afford to buy food, let alone food that is healthy. The social service centers, pantries, and soup kitchens provide assistance through giving out food boxes, holiday gift baskets, and hot meals.

There are many places that offer free or low cost boxes or bags of food. Each grocery bag or box is filled with donated perishable goods, canned items, or other groceries from local retailers. Most centers receive donated food items that are either perishable or non-perishable, as well as other healthy options. The boxes offered may contain some or all of the following items: Milk & other dairy products, Meat (canned or frozen), Personal hygiene products, Diapers, cereal and more.

There are places where you can stay if you need a roof over your head and somewhere to sleep. These places usually don’t let you stay for more than a few months. Some people will be in Clackamas County while others may be in the greater Portland region. A SAFE is a place where women can go to get away from abusive situations. The organization provides clients with help in finding housing, information about available resources, and referrals to other agencies. It also offers meals to clients. There is another option called Harbor Light offered for men in the community.

There are social services available for veterans in the area. People in the housing and rental programs may be accepted and assigned to case workers. The services offered will help individuals reintegrate into society and find long term, permanent housing. Veterans and their families can get help with their mental health and access to medical care.

Other help is offered to deal with the root of the hardship. This means that there are services to help you find a job, improve your resume, and learn how to manage your money. This will help people to be successful in the long term by giving them the ability to do things and the resources they need.

Apply for financial assistance from Clackamas County Salvation Army

in Happy Valley (dial 971-230-6230). The main offices for calling utility help and other support are located at 10174 SE 82nd Ave in Happy Valley Oregon (dial 971-230-5390) as well as 8495 SE Monterey Ave. in Happy Valley (dial 971-230-6230). The phone number is (503) 659-1604.

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