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Salvation Army assistance programs Fairfax County Virginia.

The Salvation Army provides assistance to low income families who live in Fairfax County. This non-profit helps those who are struggling to get by, whether because of their age or their financial situation. They provide support and assistance so that these people can live better lives. The charity will offer not only emergency financial assistance for bills, food, or rent when possible, but will also emphasize case management and social services.

The location can help with some of the more common requests of families facing a crisis. These tend to be grants to pay for things like heating bills during the winter or rental costs. One of the most common requests in Fairfax County is for the Salvation Army free food pantry. Many other needs can be met as well, including free Christmas gifts from Angel Tree and an annual back to school supply program for students in Fairfax County as well as northern Virginia.

This center also assists with more unique requests. There is an after school program for children from lower income households that can be used as an example. This also helps parents who are working and have kids who are home alone or immigrants. There are also services specifically for women as well as worship services coordinated by the Salvation Army.

Tens of thousands of households are assisted per year through various programs. –> Many of them earn much less than the typical $100,000 per year in the area. Many of the clients are also elderly or disabled people that are struggling on a fixed income. The Salvation Army in Fairfax County, Virginia, provides assistance to people without regard to their race, religion, age, or belief system.

Programs from the Fairfax Salvation Army

You can apply for Social Services/Financial aid from Monday to Friday. The Salvation Army is working hard to help as many families as possible, but there are still many people in need. When someone is in need of assistance, they can be directed to DSS food stamps application sites or rental vouchers from section 8.

The Salvation Army in Fairfax County will give money to people to help pay for their heating or gas bills during the winter. If a family does not have any other options for housing, the government may provide financial assistance to help them pay for rent. This is a temporary measure to ensure that people have a place to live. Another organization that provides medical assistance will help with medical needs. This means that there are ways to get help paying for prescription drugs or going to clinics in Northern Virginia.

This means that if you know someone who might be interested in the product or service, you can refer them to the company, and if they end up using the service, you may receive some sort of compensation. The location is a key partner of the Washington Area Fuel Fund (which helps during the winter) and the state of Virginia EnergyShare utility bill program. This means that there are now more opportunities to spend money on other things that are needed.

The cost of housing is a major focus in northern Virginia. There are homes that are based on HUD income and there are also vouchers for housing choice that can help make an apartment more affordable. The Salvation Army of Fairfax County can provide clients with information on how to apply for housing assistance through a public housing authority, as well as information on any waiting lists for such assistance. Find section 8 HCV in Virginia.

There are many children living in poverty who do not get the holiday or seasonal help they need. One main reason the Salvation Army provides free toys and Christmas presents from Angel Tree is to help ensure that children have a happy holiday season. This means that the donations are not just for one group of children, but for all children, no matter what their background is. Many single mothers and immigrants also sign up for the Angel Tree program.

Fairfax County also provides free school supplies. The Salvation Army is a charity that collects school supplies like pens, pencils, uniforms, and backpacks. They give out free school supplies to children from low-income families during the summer or fall.

Children can also enroll in the Gospel Arts Program. This activity is popular among teenagers and school aged children. There are people who help them study, read books to them, and partner with children on their spiritual or educational development. The children may also have snacks and meals.

A decent percentage of the almost 1,000,000 people in Fairfax County use the food pantry. The charity may be able to help if an emergency strikes, like losing a job, getting sick, or having to fix a car. The Salvation Army has a food pantry with groceries, baby formula, and other supplies. This means that during holidays, there may be special food baskets available.

Free or low cost goods, including furniture and clothes

There are two other great places to get clothes – a thrift store or a clothing closet. Both people have clothes, household goods, and appliances for the kitchen. These items are often expensive and people struggle to buy them for their homes. The Salvation Army in Fairfax County may offer vouchers to pay for goods, or some may be sold at a low price.

Many low income families in northern Virginia find it difficult to pay for rent, let alone furnishing their home or apartment. The Salvation Army and its volunteers can direct clients to free furniture banks or give vouchers for furniture at a discounted price from the thrift store. This can include furniture such as beds, mattresses, family room or kitchen furniture, appliances such as washers/dryers, and more. The majority of the items are donations. There are organizations that give out free furniture to people in need.

Applying to and phone number for Salvation Army services in Fairfax County Virginia

There are too many people who are poor or who have a hard time making ends meet. When someone is in need, the Fairfax County Salvation Army does its best to help them out. Not only do they provide financial assistance, but they also emphasize case management and employment. The address is 4915 Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030. Call (703) 385-8700.

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