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Salvation Army assistance programs Frederick County Maryland

The Salvation Army provides social services and limited financial aid to needy and low-income individuals in Frederick County. The non-profit will help low-income clients who qualify for assistance to get through a difficult time. While some funds can be used to pay for basic needs like rent, food, or utilities, other services like referrals and case management are also available.

Mortgage and rent assistance may be provided to prevent homelessness. The client will need to have an eviction that is court-ordered. If you have received foreclosure papers, there may be assistance available to you. Case workers may also help to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants.

Prescription assistance is available for clients with a serious medical condition who need either a refill or new prescription. If you have a life threatening issue, any aid is for you.

You may be able to get help paying your utility bills. This means that there are funds available to help pay for electric and heating/gas expenses. To be eligible for assistance, the applicant must have a notice of termination from their Maryland utility company. Individuals who are most vulnerable without power, like elderly people or low income families with kids, may be given priority.

If you are a Frederick County resident and find yourself in an emergency situation where you need food, there are resources available to help you. Before applying for food assistance, people must first register with their local food bank or social service office. Food and groceries are given for free or at a low cost to those who qualify, based on their individual situation. The Salvation Army will distribute food based on emergency need after the local food bank has assisted. Some other things that people might need are things like diapers for babies, formula, and toiletries if there are any left.

There are motel and hotel vouchers available in times of crisis, as well as placement services. This means that the time is right for a local disaster, such as a fire or a flood. This type of lodging/assistance can only be given depending on the individual situation. The Salvation Army requires clients to show documentation that a disaster has occurred from either the American Red Cross or the local Fire Department. Other motel or hotel placement services are not done on a case by case basis after a review process takes place.

Salvation Army programs are mostly offered to people who have no other options. The Salvation Army requires that potential recipients contact their local Department of Social Services to check for other forms of government aid before applying to the Salvation Army. The assistance is only offered once and you need to make an appointment with a social worker. Ongoing case management will be provided in order to help the individual become self-sufficient. To reach the Frederick center, please call 301-662-2311 or stop by the main center at 223 W 5th St, Frederick, Maryland 21701.

The Frederick Salvation Army Family Store is open to everyone and provides assistance. The Salvation Army thrift stores rely on donations from the public to help fund their stores. People donate items such as clothes, furniture and household supplies which the Salvation Army then sells in their thrift stores. The thrift stores accept donations of gently used items from the public which they will resell, with the proceeds going to those in need.

This means that you can reduce the amount of taxes you owe by donating money or property to a qualified organization. We offer a pick-up service for larger items like appliances or furniture for people who live in Frederick County. Just call the number and schedule a pick-up time! Volunteering is a great way to help a store run smoothly and it also allows people to give back to their community.

Contact for Salvation Army social services

The list is not comprehensive. The case workers can also help with other things. The address is 223 W 5th St, Frederick, Maryland 21701. You can also call 301-662-2311 for more information.

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